15 Minute Break-out Strategy

Phil Newton - In this streaming video, Phil takes us through a trading strategy he uses regularly.

Forex Stop Hunting - What is it?

Scott Percival - We've all heard bout the market makers hunting out stops, but how do they actually do it. In this article we look at what stop-hunting is and how it's achieved.

A Day in the Life of a FX Spot Desk Trader (Part 1)

GammaJammer - FX Spot Desk Trader "GammaJammer" talks through what life is like on a typical morning trading the currency markets in the first of this series of specialist articles.

The Woodchuck and the Possum

Rob Booker - A cautionary tale of why most people lose money in the forex market.

Measuring Correlation Between FX Pairs

Carley Garner - This article looks at different FX pairs and how their historical correlation can be measured.

Gamma and its Importance to the FX Trader

Kathy Lien - Understanding the impact of gamma on can help one know how the market will likely trade.

You Don't Have to be a Day Trader to be a Success - Part 2

Daniel Fahey - Daniel Fahey concludes the discussion on why day trading is not the only option to becoming a successful trader.

Forex Scams - How to Spot them a Mile Away

John Bekian - Today there are many scams involving forex and a great number of us will have seen emails or websites promising untold riches. So what are the main points to look for in spotting a scam?

Choosing the Right Forex Broker

Hugh Gordon - As the online Forex trading market becomes increasingly saturated and the choice of brokers becomes wider, the choice of broker becomes even more important for the trader.

Trading the News

Kathleen Brooks - Kathleen Brooks offers practical advice on how to trade news in the forex market.
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