How The Forex "Fix" May Be Rigged

Elvis Picardo - Elvis Picardo explains how it is possible to fix the rates even in a market the size of forex.

Relative to the Trend

Brandon Wendell - Brandon Wendell shows how modifying the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator can be used in trending as well as range bound markets

The Canary Correction - Part 1

Matt Blackman - The first of a two part article, taking a look at the current market correction and what may have caused it.

It All Makes Cents

Carley Garner - One of the most frustrating aspects of trading commodities is getting comfortable with how each contract is quoted, what the point value or multiplier of each contract is and most importantly how to calculate the profit, loss and risk of a trade.

A Day in the Life of a FX Spot Desk Trader (Part 2)

GammaJammer - Continuing on from last week where FX Spot Desk Trader "GammaJammer" talked through the morning events, it is now early afternoon and Non-Farm Payroll release is looming.....

Getting Acquainted with Stock Index Futures

Carley Garner - Throughout my journey in the markets, I have yet to find a fool proof way to guarantee profitable trading, but what I am certain of is that you owe it to yourself to fully understand the products and markets that you intend to trade before risking a singl

Fibonacci Retracements on the Mini Dow

Nick McDonald - If you have ever struggled with understanding Fibonacci, then this article is for you. I am a huge Fibonacci fan and it plays a big part in my trading so the following will explain how I use it to trade successfully.

The Return of The Bear - Part 1

Martin Pring - Are we at the start of the next great bear market? Or is the current downtrend a mere blip in the existing bull market? This is the first of a two part look at the current market trends.

All you wanted to know about Gold

Larry Williams - Whether you trade it, invest in it, or just wear it - Larry Williams considers some gold price clues.

Placing Better Stops in Forex Trading

Scott Percival - Does placing your stop just above resistance or below support sees you taken out of a trade more often than not? In this article we look at alternative methods for identifying stop positions.
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