Spotting a Forex Scam

Brian Twomey - Professor Brian Twomey explains what to look out for to avoid being scammed when you are new to forex trading

Trading The Non-Farm Payroll Report

Cory Mitchell - Cory Mitchell explains the the Non Farm Payroll Report and suggests a way in which profits could be made trading it

How and Why You Should Combine Fundamental & Technical Analysis in Forex Trading

Simit Patel - Simit Patel explains how to combine TA with FA and why it is important in your trading to do so and includes an example of a trade that did not work out as well as one that did

Profiting from Interventions in the Forex Market

Justin Kuepper - Justin Kuepper explains the mechanics behind currency interventions and whether it is possible to profit by trading them

Trading profitably? Ė Most likely you will FAIL

James King - James King explains why most traders will fail to be profitable and what can be done to turn this around.

Trading Breakouts - Doing the Right Things

Kathy Lien - Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg suggests ways in which risk can be reduced when trading breakouts

Navigating the Markets by Fusing Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Kathleen Brooks - Kathleen Brooks explains how fundamental and technical analysis can be combined to help improve forex trading in the current high volatility markets being experienced as a result of the Euro crisis

A Simple Way to Screen Your Currency Pairs

Sam Evans - Sam Evans looks at how heatmaps, (which are traditionally used for stock trading), can also be of use to forex traders

Trading Through a Political Storm

Kathleen Brooks - Kathleen Brooks discusses the impact that the ongoing geopolitical events are having on currency trading and offers suggestions for steering through the current uncertainties.

You Don't Have to be a Day Trader to be a Success - Part 2

Daniel Fahey - Daniel Fahey concludes the discussion on why day trading is not the only option to becoming a successful trader.
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