Member Profile: Dinos

Dinos - T2W member Dinos discusses his trading journey and offers advice to others along the way

Member Profile: robster970

Robster970 - T2W member robster970 gives his trading background and experience in our latest member profile interview

Member Profile: NVP

NVP - T2W member NVP gives his insight and experience of trading and how he has progressed over the years of doing so

Member Profile: dentist007

dentist007 - T2W member dentist007 talks through his trading experience and passes along tips he has found useful for successful trading

Member Profile: VielGeld

VielGeld - VielGeld shares his personal journey in trading, talking about the need to persevere through painful mistakes and offering his top tips for aspiring traders.

Member Profile: Barjon

Barjon - Jon Barnard (Barjon) talks through his 40 year experience of trading and how different today is to that of when he first started

Interview with Trading Scout - Michael Patak

Michael Patak - Michael Patak talks through his trading journey from his initial interest as a young man out of college to becoming a futures trader on the Dow Jones floor and his progression into becoming a trading scout.

Interview with Tape Reading Trader - Joel Parker

Joel Parker - Joel Parker discusses how he progressed from mainstream work to full time trading using a method of tape reading along with support and resistance levels as his only approach needed for continued profitable trading.

Interview with Lex van Dam, Financier of BBC Million Dollar Traders

Lex van Dam - Lex van Dam discusses his life in the city, why he now thinks it is out of control and investment money is no longer in "safe hands", to his creation of Million Dollar Traders and the recent launch of his own trading academy.

Interview with Anton Kreil of BBC Million Dollar Traders

Anton Kreil - Anton Kreil discusses his early life journey to becoming a City trader and later through his involvement with the BBC in Million Dollar Traders to present day as an individual trader and trainer to aspiring traders
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