Roger Middleton Interview

Roger Middleton - Roger Middleton is an experienced trader who focuses on the equity markets. His insights, however, are applicable to traders of all kinds.

Candlestick Analysis: Lighting the Markets

Steve Nison - Tom Hougaard talks to the man who brought Japanese Candles to the west, Steve Nison.

Steve Palmquist Interview

Steve Palmquist - Steve gives us an insight into the methods he uses when trading and what a typical trading day is like for him.

Joe Ross Interview

Joe Ross - Trader, educator, author and inventor of the famous 'Ross Hook', Joe Ross takes some time out of his busy schedule to talk to Trade2Win.

John Bartlett Interview

John Bartlett - John Bartlett, through this interview, provides new traders an excellent direction as they pursue their own development.

Interview with Trading Scout - Michael Patak

Michael Patak - Michael Patak talks through his trading journey from his initial interest as a young man out of college to becoming a futures trader on the Dow Jones floor and his progression into becoming a trading scout.

Interview with an Equities Analyst

Trader333 - An interview with an equities analyst giving a unique insight into the world of investment banking including market structure, hours worked, a typical day, seasonal influences and what is required to get into this industry.

Interview with Stock Trader Alan Rich

Alan Rich - US stock trader Alan Rich (Naz) discusses his approach to both day and swing trading of US stocks, how his career has progressed and why he has a preference for trading US stocks using Direct Market Access (DMA)

Interview with a Professional Forex Analyst

John Forman - Get an insight into the world of a Professional Forex Analyst in this interview with John Forman, including what he does, how he does it and what is needed to get into this much sought after profession.

Alpesh Patel Interview

Alpesh Patel - Alpesh Patel is one of the best known traders in the world. In this often light-hearted interview, he shares some of his experience and philosophy.
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