About Us

For more than 10 years, Trade2Win's mission has been to support and unite traders across the globe. We provide an environment that enables our members to converse with one another, share their knowledge and express their views. Furthermore, we seek to provide educational and thought provoking content to help better educate our members in their trading careers.

Our Team

  • Paul_gould
    Paul Gould aka Sharky
    Paul started trading stocks and futures in 2000, a few months later the dot com bubble burst. It was a painful experience but it didn't dampen his enthusiasm. He continued to pursue his interest by doing what he knew best. He built a website for traders to help continue his education. That website is called Trade2Win and it has grown to become one of the world's leading trading communities.
  • Paul_mullen
    Paul Mullen aka Trader333
    Paul (DMS, MBA, FMM) has a background in business project development and operations management spanning several industry sectors. He started trading full time in 2001 but has always kept a passionate interest in business projects and has developed a number of web based activities. Having realised his intra-day trading goals, he switched to swing and position trading which has freed up time to work on business development and editorial for Trade2win.
  • Tim_wilcox
    Tim Wilcox aka timsk
    Tim's interest in trading began in 1998 but it was several years later before he started trading with real money. Tim has journeyed through all the stages that aspiring traders commonly experience. He has traded a number of instruments including equities and now trades US index futures. As an active day trader he is well positioned to understand the needs and interests of T2W members.