What is the Rating Methodology of ICO Rating Websites?

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These years, there are so many ICO projects. As it is impossible for investors to get to know every project for their limited time and energy, it is difficult to select valuable projects. Thus, rating websites come about. With professional work led by professional staff, investors can easily see the advantages and disadvantages of the project, and with that they can have a primary selection and save time and energy.

So, how does these websites rate the ICO projects? What's the standard?

Actually, rating websites usually have their own standard and we can't introduce all of them. So we just raise ICObench as an example to introduce the standard of such rating websites.

ICObench is a famous ICO rating website that is evaluated to be the NO.1 on Bitcoin Wiki. On the official website of ICObench, we can see the detailed standard, and let's take a look at it.

The final rating consists of two parts: assessment algorithm and experts.

The first part is assessment algorithm, which includes four parts, that is team, ICO information, product presentation and marketing & social media. Each part has several or dozen items, that is, 30+ dimensions in total. For each project, all visitors can see how the ICO project perform with the 30+ dimensions.

An excellent team is a key factor for success. Team with experience of blockchain will gain extra points, and the authenticity of the team member is also a key factor. So the team member will be asked to supply personal document and have the KYC process. In this part, items below will be take into consideration: number of members, photos, full names, LinkedIn profiles, ICO success score, KYC.

For the ICO information, integrity and authenticity is very important, or insecurity and uncertainty will come about. So the project will be asked to supply whole documents, including following items: ICO start date, ICO end date, token ticker, platform, list of accepted currencies, number of tokens for sale, distributed in ICO, ICO or pre-ICO price, bonuses, soft cap, hard cap, country.

Product is the core to be competitive, and also illustrates the business logic of the project. The rating website will study the whitepaper, the informativeness of whitepaper, video presentation, milestones and MVP/prototype of the project.

The last one is marketing & social media. For every blockchain project, transparent information and full communication between project and investors will be very important. ICObench will study these social media: Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk, Medium, Telegram, Github, Reddit, Bitcoinwiki, etc.

So that's the assessment algorithm. On the other hand, independent experts will also rate the project from angles of team, vision and product, and the two ratings form the final rating.

So what is the rating of Vena Network on ICObench?

Yes, it's 4.5. (5 in total)

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Is there a forex sort of ICO website ?
What does ICO stand for ?
This sort of grey area is dominated by doubtful characters, so I won't trust them too much.
Money buys a good analysis I expect ?


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I think we should not be interested in fundamental factors bur rather trade psychological factors like hype, big promises, regulatory breakthroughs and application spread.