What are the key points in a successful strategy?


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To achieve the goal, you need to design a strategy. Because strategy is the way to reach the goal. Numerous strategies have been designed so far. The difference in strategies stems from the psychological and environmental conditions of the trader.

1. How are your spirits? Conservative, moderate or bold ?

2. Which time frame is right for you?

3. How much equity should we allocate to the transaction?

4. When to buy and when to sell?

5. What are the profit and loss limits?

Answering these questions will put you on the right track. Therefore, all aspects must be considered.
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My understanding is a strategy has two parts. Entry and exit. exit can mean getting out of a bad trade or at profit. no such thing as daytrade or position trade. If a trade makes you the money you go on and on.
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Trading without a strategy is like going on a war without a weapon. Different traders have different strategies, but a successful trader will always have a risk management strategy to save capital in order to continue trading.
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Number 2 is so important in my opinion and a point frequently overlooked by many newer traders. No good wanting to scalp if you can't be at the charts much. Getting this point wrong leads to burnout and thus affects point 1.
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