Videos of MetaTrader Manager, Administrator, virtual dealer and other plugins/setting

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maybe he will come back?
I think we all should subscribe just to show our support
i hadn't thought of that, good idea, but 6 will wont have any effect, maybe if it gets to 10 youtube might cack their pants and cave, yay! (y)

..or maybe not.

seriously, if there was to be any kind of comeback it would have happened by now, tried some other vid hosting site, direct uploads to forums maybe. no he's gone, finished.


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This exact thread, has been deleted from ForexFactory and my user banned, without any explanation or notice. Forex-Tsd has removed the thread, but at least gave an answer - they were afraid of legal action from MetaQuotes. And I'm sure you will understand why.

Who am I:

I have been working for various brokers in the past in various positions, gaining lots and lots of inside knowledge of the inner kitchen. I've seen people who put millions and ones who put their last 25 dollars in their accounts, only to loose everything in an unfair fight. It has been some time now, i wanted to take all the industry's dirty *******s down. So this is day one.

What I will do:

I will keep on posting FACTS - videos, files, articles and what ever it takes to stop what is going on now - cheating, manipulating, lying and scamming people of their money. I will open similar threads on various forum to attract as many attention as possible. Any help will be of great appreciation.

What I won't do:

I won't give you a list of good/bad brokers - it doesn't exist. I will not argue with you or try to convince you of something.

If all you have to say is "i know this" "I've seen that" it means this thread is not for you. Please move along, to your happy place.

A fraction of people are aware of the what is going on. The ones that are aware, haven't seen real proof up until now.


Virtual dealer pt1 - a demonstration of Virtual Dealers "Delay" setting, shows how to automatically create slippage with every market order.
MetaTrader Vitual dealer plugin in action pt1.mp4 - YouTube

This video shows how a broker can easily inject prices into the market to create spikes of various sizes and if needed hunt your stops. This feature is rarely used in the industry at this time. There are much more advanced plugins and tools offered by a number of software companies, whos main purpose is to make a Brokers life easier.
Injecting prices and stop loss hunting with MetaTrader manager Forex - YouTube

This video demonstrates how a brokers Dealing Desk operates. It can accept/reject/hold your orders or create some slippage for you. e

This video shows, how easy it is to modify orders. You open them at one price, but at any given moment, they might change it. So if you ever been paranoid about someone modifying your orders, you might have been right
Modifying orders with MetaTrader Manager - YouTube
(n)Late again - missed all the good videos before they removed them.

Maybe the videos are not good for business - they could discourage retail FX traders from participating and being fleeced?


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It's discouraged me for sure, I've been seriously considering closing my spread betting accounts now and opening a real futures account. I probably won't though because I'm a mug.


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crap:( I would give my left arm for those videos
anyway still not giving up hope,
maybe he is just busy


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I see the Commander in Chief is paying us a visit. They must have demanded to speak to a supervisor.


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...and the advertising manager.
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