Trading and Mental Health


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Really great and honest post indeed.
One advice I don't see mentioned on this thread is planning your day, sticking to a routine. It's hard to find balance especially if you are your own boss. What I do is schedule mandatory breaks and relaxing activities. And I do mean mandatory, I treat meditation, exercise, eating regularly etc. as high priority activities and when I'm taking a break, I deliberately stay away from things that enable my "workaholism".


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A stable mind is very important to build to get trading in your favour. I make my mind relaxed by sitting in my garden with a cup of coffee.


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Sorry to hear that you’re struggling with this. For me, taking a break and finding things that are relaxing really helps when things become overwhelming. Maybe you could go sit on your back porch, enjoy peace and quiet, listen to music, or whatever calms you when things feel rough. Don’t sacrifice your mental health for trading - take breaks from it if you need to and get plenty of rest.


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One way is to have down time that has nothing to with trading.
That's key for me also some physical exercise even walking.
As long as it has no ties to trading


Trading affects mental health because of expectations of profits, stress then becomes a present companion for traders. In order to have a calm mind, get yourself in the right mindset. Before you even start your trading day, simply remind yourself that markets are never constant.
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