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Time and time again, I have said that all humans were never designed to become consistently profitable traders. There are many reasons why the majority of individuals fail to make regular profits from Forex trading, but in the end, it all stems from the simple fact that most people are completely unaware of the difference between perception and reality.
Ever since people began to speculate in the money markets, there has been this common belief that only the top guys in Wall Street have the experience and knowledge to do it successfully. The average Joe has always been advised to stay well away from making their own trading and investing decisions and instead hand over their hard-earned cash to the experts in the institutions to make these life-changing choices for them. This simple idea alone is a clear example of why understanding the clear difference between perception and reality is so vital. Who says that Wall Street knows best? Who says that stock brokers are the only ones...

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Good article.

The value of most stocks after the IPO is zero. Most companies go under within 8 years of going public without ever having paid a dividend. Therefore most shares have no value at all.

It is only perception of price and trading is merely trying to outguess what everyone else perceives price to be.

I'm not sure about "Professional traders make it their sole aim to analyze price". Is this really true ? Do not professional traders analyze news, sales, industries, new products, new management ?

What about freshly issued instruments that have no price history.

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The article highlights a really good point, namely that trading and ones evaluation of what is gonna happen next is a highly subjective matter.
The author could have highlighted that fact a bit more, because, in my perception, him mentioning his course suggests implicitely that there is a way that allows one to step out of that subjectivity and I dare to doubt that. In my opinion there is no certainty of any outcome in this game.
One can merely try and to recalibrate one's perception through education and experience but it remains subjective. But that's just my subjective opinion.


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Waste of time.


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Of the four members who have commented on this article, two are positive and two are negative. The two negative ones state their views plainly, but don't say why the article is poor - what it lacked or how it could be better. Constructive criticism is absolutely fine, but comments like 'waste of time' are just that - a waste of time.
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