Lost It can't see wood for the trees


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I Trade Indices ok make some there , lose some here.
However recently can not see anything I look at my charts and now I am confused. everything looks complicated , so I can not make a decision

What do I do next.

Any Ideas

I dont want to stop unless I have to

Thank you in advance

Mr. Charts

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Consider trading shares. especially US. Instead of trading only one instrument you have a choice of many hundreds of very liquid shares. Amongst them it is much easier to find trends, reversals etc
Above all, do not trade when things do not seem clear.

Dow Dog

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I agree with Mr Charts.

I trade a mixture of NYSE and NASDAQ stocks - some are fairly volatile and some fairly sedate. I try to achieve a middle ground where I am not going to get swept away by an overly volatile stock nor where I am not going to fall asleep due to a stock's inactivity.

And of course there are thousands of stocks to choose from.

Two Bars

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Smartman, if you are confused and everything on the charts looks complicated then you should just stop trading. Without the pressure of trading then you can slowly start again by looking at just one index and paper trade it or use a simulator.

It happened to me three years ago and I got myself out of it by telling myself that I was not going to place even one trade for 4 weeks. I slowly started to see it all again and it was much clearer.

Dow Dog

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Also, I suggest you quit the complicated technical analysis.

Look at BASIC chart patterns only. I find this quite adequate.

KEEP IT SIMPLE. THere is no need to get overly complex.
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