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James Gillingham - Jagaro / FX World / Choice Invest Ltd

HAHAHA! just when you think it`s safe. oh dear !

Child Support Evaders

James Ian Gillingham.
Has 2 children he walked out on from birth !
Claims to be a "trader" Serious Dead Beat Dad !
I was actually cold called by someone at FX World earlier on this year and pitched their fixed return managed account service.

They were saying they could provide me with a 5% return per month. I remember having a look at their website.

He was the commercial director at FXWMA Ltd. I remember thinking that such bold claims of 5% a month fixed through a scalping strategy was unsustainable and suspect, frankly it seems I was right.

Last month they were in the press.


Since their demise he has set up a company called Choice Invest Ltd.


Most likely another spurious financial services company.

P hanson

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It`s obviously too easy to close down a company like that and simply start up another !
James Gillingham and Co are certainly making some very bold "choices"
How can they, and others like them be getting away with this ?

James Gillingham doing what he does best !

Lesson Learned
It is very disappointing what happened to my money. I should of known better. Justice will be done in the end I am sure.
How can these people continue to get away with these things? I have done some research online and found that another conman by the name of James Gillingham was involved as the commercial director at Fx World and Base2trade after operating an illegal fx trading company called Jagero that was shut down by the regulatory authorities as can be read about on the following link.
Time will tell what exactly the authorities will do about people like this.
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James Gillingham originally from Essex is mixing with the big boys in Mexico after fleeing Singapore on fraud charges . Couldn’t make this stuff up !! He’s all over the internet still claiming to be a trader wanting investment so beware
Lily Handam /Lillian Hamden still the faithful side kick
He’s wanted by the authorities in the UK. Somebody somewhere knows where he is and he should be stopped
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Did they do something wrong with Trading? or Clients funds?

I have all their details, but want to know further information before take an action
James Gillingham is wanted by the authorities in the UK on fraud charges he is a conman on the run
He was in Singapore and then Mexico . Do not invest . Report him to the police in London if you know where he is

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