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If you really need a mentor, it should only be because you have tried a more simple approach to trading and it has failed, and that the answer is a complex strategy for which you will need intense one-to-one training and guidance.

I can believe that your first efforts have failed but not that the solution is to find such a complicated approach that demands a mentor.

What is going wrong with your trading?


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Are you prepared to pay for a mentor? I'm sure that it would be helpful, but keep in mind that the internet is filled with free information and you can learn everything yourself without paying a mentor.
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Plenty of free courses and information available online.


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You don't need a mentor if first starting out. Learn the basics on babypips or FPA and then go to the charts and learn to spot what they are telling you. Test some of the things out as they help you put together a strategy. Even at that point there is free info on YouTube you can use like ICT and many others.
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I always have a difficult time trusting online mentors so I just avoid this option straight away. Until you find yourself a genuine mentor, I would recommend completing School of pipsology and go through YouTube videos to have a good understanding. It will help you make an informed decision and not get fooled by a mentor or anyone.
There’s a few good ones but too many scammers want to take your money always do research and plenty of it


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Yes, many fake mentors online are only looking to extract your hard-earned money. So, it is important that one should do their due diligence before selecting a mentor.


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Instead of going for mentors, why don’t you take an online trading course? I know ForexSignals offer a comprehensive trading course where you also get access to mentors and live trading rooms. The thing is you are not investing your money only on mentors but you also get a lot of other educational material which you won’t regret. There’s also a free seven day trial if you wish to try.


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Please I need a mentor on forex trading
Be your own mentor. Browse around the internet, forums and videos to learn Forex trading. You must be patient before investing money in the market. I warn you that it is never easy to get a good mentor. A good trader does not usually want to be a mentor. He trades for himself and makes enough money. Thus, it is best to do things by yourself as far as Forex trading is concerned.
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