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Hey fellow traders! My first post here. Just some thoughts and questions hopefully will spark some interest and help solve a few questions I have that I am trying to find closure on.

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You are now chatting with 'GFTCL 25'

Thank you for chatting with GFT. May I please have your name and email address to better assist you? If you are currently being transferred to another chat operator, you do not need to provide your information to us again.
you: sean
GFTCL 25: Thank you. How may I help you?
you: looking at your pam accounts
GFTCL 25: Great, how can I assist you?
you: do you compile reports of trading activities etc
you: profit and commission splits
you: ?
GFTCL 25: Regarding PAM accounts, I'm not sure what the procedure is
you: ok who do i speak to in regards to the pam accounts for more info
you: can you arrange a callback?
you: with someone who can give me more information
GFTCL 25: However, I can ask a PAM specialist to follow up with you. What is a good time and number to reach you?
you: now and ill give you the number
GFTCL 25: I apologize, currently we do not have anyone with that information, however during standard London business hours, I can have someone call you tomorrow
you: early morning would be great roughly 9am UK time
GFTCL 25: Ok, I will pass that information along and have someone reach you tomorrow
you: you have anyone on chat that could give me a little more info
GFTCL 25: I apologize, currently our UK office is out and they would have the most information for you.
GFTCL 25: Have you seen our page on PAM accounts?
GFTCL 25: DealBook® 360 for Professional Asset Managers
you: I just signed up for a demo using dealbook 360, It says it will give me news feeds does that include cnbc stream
you: yes i did give it a look
GFTCL 25: No, that is only for premium, live account holders.
you: i needed more info on how the accounts are set up in regards to my clients who I manage funds for
GFTCL 25: I understand. I will have someone follow up with you who has more information on exactly how PAM's are set up.
you: also your spreads on premium accounts. do they differ from standard account holders
GFTCL 25: No
you: do you proccess our orders straight through to interbank market or you make the market?
GFTCL 25: We offer tighter spreads on G3BO accounts
GFTCL 25: We are market maker; we have a dealing desk
you: you run stops lol
you: ?
GFTCL 25: I'm sorry. I don't fully understand your question. Could you please clarify?
you: if your taking the opposite side to my trade then your loosing money if I am gaining correct?
GFTCL 25: Technically, that is correct.
you: is it possible you can manipulate the market data to run my stops to close succesful trades?
GFTCL 25: That is not something I have any information on.
GFTCL 25: Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
you: no thanks just need that call in the morning would be great
GFTCL 25: Ok, I will have someone call you.
you: have a nice evening thanks for your help
you: bye
GFTCL 25: You're welcome.
GFTCL 25: Thank you for contacting GFT. Have a wonderful day. Please contact us again.

Well I thought I would ask the question lol, Anyone have any experiences with GFT uk, I opened a live account with them once before but never actually traded with them. I closed the live account and they transferred the money back to me within three days. They were quite good in that respect.

About ECN/stp. Read alot over the last couple of months. Many brokers boast ecn some stp. I mean alot of arguments and counter arguments about how truthful a broker is about the way they pass orders through. Many have a dealing desk some are mixed.

GFT dont claim to provide stp or ecn. They state clearly they have a dealing desk. So would you trust them? Will they manipulate market data, run stops et? Or generally is that a thing of the passed with regulated brokers. I just keep thinking that a regulated well known broker run stops. All these other bucket shops who claim stp or ecn actually probably worse?

Any thoughts on the matter would be helpful. Is a market maker such a bad thing to have a dealing desk? I am already sure that its very difficult to ascertain whether a broker who advertises ECN/stp is actually a true ECN broker.
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