Best Threads in the Trading Journals Forum

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Mar 18, 2002
What are ‘Best Threads’ Stickies?
The idea behind ‘Best Threads’ Stickies is to have a thread pinned permanently at the top of every forum with links to threads within that forum that are of real merit with quality content. Listed here is the cream of the crop, the best threads in the Trading Journals forum!

How will they help me?
T2W is a big place and good threads can quickly get lost under a sea of newer ones. The links to the ‘Best Threads’ will save you the hassle of wading through the forum yourself, hoping to find the one that’s filled with pearls of wisdom!

What do I need to know about the list?
Each ‘Best Thread' is accompanied by a short précis outlining what it’s about. Threads don’t appear in any particular order, so the thread at the top of the list isn’t necessarily any better or more interesting than the one at the bottom of the list.

I’ve found a great thread which warrants ‘Best Thread’ status. Can it be added?
Sure! If you know of a great thread within this forum that isn’t listed here, either post your suggestion here or contact timsk Content Manager, with a link to the thread, saying what it’s about and what’s good about it and, all being well, it will be added.

The ‘Best Threads’ in the Trading Journals forum are:
GBP/USD 5min setups by ChowClown
Voted runner up 'Favourite Journal' in the T2W Members' Choice Awards for 2010. This journal does what it says in the title!
My Journal at a Prop house by pozzyp
This is not only an excellent example of a good journal, it's an excellent example of a simple trading methodology that's well explained and executed with patience and discipline by a prop' trader.
Entry=Risk Exit=Reward by KillPhil08
Voted 'Favourite Journal' in the T2W Members' Choice Awards for 2009. This journal explores entering the market on a 5 min chart and running the position into a swing trade to achieve the maximum reward for minimum risk.
Firewalker's Journey: A path of discovery in search for enlightenment by Firewalker99
One trader's attempt at developing a trading strategy based on price action. There are loads of well annotated charts and lots of interesting and thought provoking contributions from other members.
Vwap Engine by leovirgo
This is Leovirgo's journal about building an automated trading engine. It illustrates the steps and thought processes involved in transferring a strategy from a discretionary one to one that's fully mechanised. In addition it draws attention to topics such as VWAP (volume weighted average price) that a novice might not come across. (Comment and recommendation by [URL="]Charlton[/URL])