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Hello Trade2win,

My name is Kian Lavasani. I’m an M.S. candidate in Finance at the University of Texas at Dallas. My research focuses on forex technical analysis; putting strong emphasis on price trends and global economic policy. I've worked for JPMorgan in investment data operations; as well as CCP, a supply chain consultation group. I hold a B.S. in Economics at UT Dallas, with experience in executive board management for UNICEF, Phi Beta Lambda and MESA. While I'm studying, I'm learning about Forex and trading through a job with MultiBank Exchange.

My roots stem from the Welsh countryside, later moving to the U.S. for education and work. I'm an enthusiastic sand volleyball player, interior design fanatic, bread recipe creator (following a strict mathematical opera), and a passionate music festival fan.


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Hello Trade2win

Hey Trade2win , glad to be here.

My name is Todd. I'm a big time number cruncher type who trades Forex to supplement my income. When I'm not trading, I like to play chess and squash. I teach high school Math.
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What sort of graphs do you want to see? Analytics predictions or something else?


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This is my first here and discovered what I am searching for. Sharing post here are amazing and extremely supportive particularly to me as an amateur in business. Continue posting!