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Mar 18, 2002
What are ‘Best Threads’ Stickies?
The idea behind ‘Best Threads’ Stickies is to have a thread pinned permanently at the top of every forum with links to threads within that forum that are of real merit with quality content. Listed here is the cream of the crop, the best threads in the Commodities & Money Markets forum!

How will they help me?
T2W is a big place and good threads can quickly get lost under a sea of newer ones. The links to the ‘Best Threads’ will save you the hassle of wading through the forum yourself, hoping to find the one that’s filled with pearls of wisdom!

What do I need to know about the list?
Each ‘Best Thread' is accompanied by a short précis outlining what it’s about. Threads don’t appear in any particular order, so the thread at the top of the list isn’t necessarily any better or more interesting than the one at the bottom of the list.

I’ve found a great thread which warrants ‘Best Thread’ status. Can it be added?
Sure! If you know of a great thread within this forum that isn’t listed here, either post your suggestion here or contact timsk Content Manager, with a link to the thread, saying what it’s about and what’s good about it and, all being well, it will be added.

The ‘Best Threads’ about Commodities are:
Spreads Trading by FTSE Beater
This is a good all round introduction to trading spreads. Note: spread trading has nothing whatsoever to do with spread betting!
How do the commodity markets work?
A short thread with some useful links that answer the question posed in the title.
Lively discussion about this commodity and the various approaches that members employ to trade it.
COFFEE - The next big bull?
An old thread containing good analysis of this market which focuses as much on fundamentals - mainly the weather - as it does on TA.

The ‘Best Threads’ about Money Markets are:
Bund Bobl and Schatz Thread by buy 'em
This thread offers insights into the relative merits of these 3 instruments, as well as how to read the tape and deduce what 'paper' and 'locals' are doing. If none of that means much to you, read the thread to find out!
STIR's from Scratch by MrGecko
A trader new to STIRs (Short Term Interest Rate) finds his way, aided by a few profession traders.
Arabian's *serious* Thread by arabianights
One of T2W's most colourful and contentious characters gets serios and offers insights into the world of a professional STIRs trader.
Euribor Flipper?? by newsoros
The trading strategy employed by Paul Rotter (a.k.a. 'The Flipper') earned him both a fortune and death threats - once his identity was discovered. This thread discusses his strategy, its effect on the markets and those who trade them.
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