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  1. maxima

    EU financial transaction tax

    I was blocking this whole thing out for long.. time to get dirty. So what's the consequences for a private traders (trading US futures through US broker) .. if these clowns roll it out and uk stays in eu? How much would it cost for 1 ES contract round trip? Can it be avoided? Like supplying a...
  2. maxima

    Rithmic API fees

    a yearvago Rithmic charged a $100 minimum usage fee on top of 10 cent order fee. Has this recently changed? Do they still charge minimum fee?
  3. maxima

    Entry price - Marex / Kyte

    What is roughly the price of the ticket to get into arcade like Marex / Kyte ? What kind of money they'd expect you bring to the business? I mean I know it depends. But just to give an idea. Trading energy futures CME, ICE.
  4. maxima

    Traders audio new crude squawk

    I thought I might contribute into the community. I recommend this - been using them for couple of years They are giving away few days of free access to the crude squawk still. I've been listening to it for a week now and I can tell it is good. The core is - audio from the pit but most...
  5. maxima

    Eurex $500 margin on XT or CQG IC

    read a year old thread where people were boasting of having retail accounts with $500 on FDAX. anyone would like to share the info? what broker does low margins on Eurex for TT or CQG. And if TT then the servers must be in Europe not in US. appreciate in advance. pboyles? :) anything? please :D
  6. maxima

    Where scandinavian FX is traded?

    I know that most of the volume comes from EBS, Reuters, Bloomberg. there are also large venues like Currenex, HotspotFXi, Integral, FXAll and LavaFX. Is there analysis on which network trades scandinavian currencies and in what volume?
  7. maxima

    SSD checkup tool.

    If anyone interested to find out more on their SSD drives: SSD life - tool for solid state drives health and endurance monitoring shows estimated lifetime too. pretty cool.
  8. maxima

    Open source EA to double your money. Completely free

    In memoriam. Scepter MT. After his death cominders of total freedom and regulated anarchy uncovered the secret EA which as expected is genuine masterpiece of human mind excretion. It is even greater than Einstein 's e =mc2...... Here it goes: Pnl = Math.Abs(pnl) *2;
  9. maxima

    I am buying new Kindle and you should too

    New Amazon devices beat cr@p out of the apple gay stuff. I need to learn about the Kindle Fire. I am waiting for new Samsung 7.7 to come out in the UK but if Fire is good I might reconsider. But I will buy Kindle Touch for sure to replace the old one. Using Samsung Galaxy for funny stuff and...
  10. maxima

    Why ECB offering USD loans is insanity?

    I dont do FX. Was looking at news and found this on DailyFX: ECB ANNOUNCES DOLLAR LIQUIDITY MEASURES IN COOPERATION WITH FED and then next comment from the same poster insanity Could someone pls explain why is it insane thing to do? I dont get it.
  11. maxima

    Hotmail hacked?

    Hotmail is in shambles today from 9:30... still isnt working.... anybody knows whats the actual story? I naturally suspect fck1ng Pocahontas - The Assange Biatches Club - The Anonymous flexing the pen1s muscle
  12. maxima

    US Crisis. What would be hit the most - EUR or GBP ?

    What currency will drop the further if US will a) default b) be downgraded and why? bring your thoughts gentlemen.
  13. maxima

    Options historical and real-time data providers with Excel links?

    I need to analyse US options (back and forward testing). It seems there are not a lot of packages offered so I decided to do it myself in Excel. Can someone recommend a decent data source with at least 1 year of historical data and a quality live feed which has some sort of API or DDE for Excel?
  14. maxima

    Anyone knows what is Finotec execution like?

    I found their spreads are good but the question is - do they provide access to real FX spot or they are doing spreadbet/CFDs ? The says they are ECN/STP and have commissions but on the Finotec website is nothing about commissions and also they offer commodities...
  15. maxima

    Quiz. What broker has fx and options and free API and accounts w/consolidated balance

    I am looking for a broker who has fx, options and free algo API (which I have found). But also I want the balances to be consolidated - means fx position PnL should offset options position.
  16. maxima

    Mind exercise. What would you do?

    What would you do if you had 50% discount on CME fees, low comms, colocated box 0.5ms away from exchange and unfiltered market data?
  17. maxima

    Anyone has experience with mobile broadband near Liverpool Street?

    I now am too often in that area and I cant use local network to access my home PC. I want a reliable connection by air at about 40kbps speed. For security reasons I dont want to use free City Wi-fi. I tried to use my Orange phone but its data service really suck. Although the phone shows 3G+...
  18. maxima

    Recommend business USD account for UK company

    I fed up with high street bank services. I need USD business account. It should have total management online and no minimum deposit Citi has good accounts but only personal ones.
  19. maxima

    The open message to the new traders. Here you go

    Listen to this: See what markets are really yourself (not what your stupid little TA books tell you).
  20. maxima

    Is everyone got the same data from CME or there are diffrent quality levels?

    What I am trying to find out is - how CME distributes the market data - trades and quotes. Is there one single level of quantity/quality of data distribution or there might be several tiers? Do companies like CQG, TT and DTN for instance have the same input data on their servers as say Lehman...