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    US Jobs figs today - time of release

    Please refer to attachment. I was watching the bund just before release of the figs and it seemed more lively compared to previous minutes run-ups. I assumed it was book-squaring or jockeying for position. Then the figures appeared at 13:29 (on DowJones wires). Was this a little premature...
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    Excel models/worksheets

    From the basic to the quanty: 2 factor Trinomial tree for default intensity [Excel VBA] Ignore the title - this is only one of many. See foot of page for more pages/models. Hope this helps, GJ. Grant.
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    President Bush, Oil and the Saudi talks

    Excellent article/analysis re above at : Saudis Rebuff Bush on Oil - I reckon there's beeen an improvement in the WSJ since Murdoch took over. Surprisingly.. Grant.
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    Test - Ignore

    Please do not reply to this post.
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    Prop Trainee tests of verbal reasoning

    For those looking to enter graduate training schemes of arcades, prop houses, etc, it seems, inter alia,"verbal reasoning" is tested. To be honest, I thought, wtf is that. It's basically what was previously known as "comprehension. I searched Google and came up with the following site...
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    Users of TT's X-Trader & X-Study

    Could someone confirm whether tick charts in X-Study can be displayed at various intervals, eg 25 ticks, 50 tick, 100 ticks, and in bar-chart form? See attachment for examples (from my current feed). I have contacted TT but not received a reply yet. Thank you. Grant.
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    MT4 users - Beware?

    Forums - IRONY: Metatrader4 forgot to shred this document..evidence of scam MT4 Brokers' Virtual Dealer Plug-In Which brokers/SB's are using this? Grant.
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    Excel and Order Entry

    Could someone point me in the direction of examples or illustrations of Order Entry systems created in Excel? Thank you. Grant.
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    CQG's Trader product cost c £370 per month. HOwever, it lacks basic features like charting, T&S, etc. For these one needs the Intelligent Trader product which is more expensive. Does anyone know the price? I'v contacted CQG but haven't received a reply. An alternative may be using the API in...
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    Latency and Broadband

    There's increasing emphasis on low(er) latency regarding live feeds and order transmissions. I believe a fixed line, for example, is better than an internet connection to exploit low latency. Two questions: Is there a significant difference between fixed line and broadband/internet? If so...
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    Most expensive book?

    Yield Curve Estimation and Interpretation, 236 pages, £307 Where possible, the number of pages also needs to noted . Any advance? Grant.
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    Bund a few minutes ago

    My price feed went down for a couple of minutes. When it comes back back on, a 350,000 lot had just gone through. Couldn't Eurex handle the strain? Grant.
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    US banks hit Pre-market

    Lehman -25% Goldman -9.5% Merril -13% Morgan Stanley -9.6% Citigroup -5.1% BOA -4.7% Morgan +0.7% Grant.
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    Morgan to pay $2 per share for Bear Stearn

    At 23:17:55: NEW YORK (AP) - JPMorgan Chase said Sunday it will acquire rival Bear Stearns in a deal valued at $236.2 million, a stunning collapse for one of the world's largest and most venerable investment banks. JPMorgan Chase & Co. said the $2 a share, all-stock deal has received the...
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    Options on Bear Stearns

    Reuters, Friday: "Shares of Bear Stearns closed down about 45.9 per cent to $30.85... The slide in the shares prompted options market makers to add several new series of put and call options at the start of the session... Most notable were newly added calls and puts from the $22.50 strike all...
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    The US crisis

    There are many indicators unrelated to the markets but cited as examples of investor sentiment, eg the length of skirts. I found another – the length of reports on Bloomberg web site, specifically, Bernanke Discards Monetary History With Bear Stearns Bailout: Worldwide Fed...
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    Gaps in DOM

    Please refer to attachment This is the DOM for the Bobl taken around 20 minutes ago. Are the gaps (on the offers) symptomatic of a volatile market, for example, or is it a fault with my feed? Grant.
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    EUREX DOM's today

    All contracts on Eurex's DOM's are gapping. Please see attachment. Further, contracts are still trading where the price is, ie after gaps, and above/below/outside bid/offer. Anyone else seen this? Grant.
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    Oil, commodites - higher inflation?

    Business Financial News, Business News Online & Personal Finance News at - In the Video Centre on the right, halfway down, see "Oil breaks new ground". This has got to have serious inflation implications. Grant.
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    Price, volume seperation, DOM

    Assume your looking at a bar chart with volume showing a rise of 10-points on 2000 lots. Reasonably, one could assume buyers predominated. Now look at the DOM and Time and Sales. There are 10 lots on the bid, 10 lots on the offer. 10 lots are sold and the price ticks down. The next trade, as...