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    Payroll Lottery

    Anyone want to go in for the NFP lottery today. I'll start the ball rolling with 223k. G-Man
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    NFP and FX Moves

    Anyone any opinions of the NFP numbers today, or are you all electioned out? My estimate, close to conensus, is at 190k with a slight upward revision to March. No decernable initial FX moves, some $ strengthening following later. G-Man
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    Adequate Return?

    This is the headline from the FXSol trading competition. Yufeng Qiu is the First Weekly Winner in the Final Forex Championship Congratulations to Yufeng Qiu who had an increase of 697% in equity during the first week of the competition and is the winner of the $1000 award. Just a question...
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    American TV

    CSI or CSI:Miami?
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    Do you want my money?

    Although it is mentioned in most trading books, I think it takes a while for most newbie traders to realise that the most important aspect of trading is the psychological discipline required to be successful. While it would be difficult for discretionary traders to do, I wondered if systematic...