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  1. myattitude

    Looking for historical 1min MT4 data

    Last November I had to reinstall my MT4 and I lost all the stored 1min data I had accumulated. That makes EA backtesting limited. Would somebody who has had their MT4 installed for at least a year, care to export the 1min data and share it here? You can upload it safely to somewhere like...
  2. myattitude

    Is IG snookered for EAs?

    I just had a coder I hired on tell me this when the EA he tried coding for MT4 brought an error: 0 15:00:24.553 Expert Time_Based_EA US30(£),M1: loaded successfully 0 15:01:04.785 Time_Based_EA US30(£),M1 inputs: EAComment=Time Based EA; Lot=10.0; StartTime=15:02; Distance=10.0...
  3. myattitude

    Putting soemone on ignore while subscribed to a thread...

    What happens is you get the notifications of a new post on the thread, which is fine and dandy if it's someone you don't mind hearing from but undermines the ignore function if it gives you notifications. Is there a fix?
  4. myattitude

    New post alerts?

    Is there a way to get alerted when a thread has a new post? It's tedious having to check it manually then seeing there wasn't. If not, can this be installed somehow?
  5. myattitude

    '.' - name expected

    I keep getting this error when trying to compile: It's the DoTick line called DowGap. What's causing it is that I used another, working file (for DAX) as a template, changed the inputs like time and stops to fit for DOW, changed all instances of "DaxGap" on the file from to "DowGap". DaxGap...
  6. myattitude

    Who can code an MT4 bot for me?

    I tried hiring someone on Elance but they don't seem too knowledgeable on there. Can anyone code an MT4 bot according to my parameters on the DAX? Payment would be the system itself, of course. I'm 600pts up over the pas year, which doesn't sound like much but because it's pretty robust, it...
  7. myattitude

    Looking for chart archives on 5mins

    The furthest back I can go on 5min bars are about 12 months. Does anyone know where I can go back through the years and see charts further back on 5min bars? Cheers kindly :D
  8. myattitude

    POLL: What is a live call to YOU?

    Reply with your answer. Let's count up the votes, which one(s) is a live call to you: 1) "l 10233, sl 15" "out +20" 2) "im long" 3) (5 minutes after a move happened) "scalps taken from res. nailed it." ??? I appreciate some people never explicitly said they are making their threads to place...
  9. myattitude

    Looking for a practice software (not demo account....)

    I have a demo account but i like to keep practicing when trading windows have passed. Is there a software that can simulate trading conditions, or even repeat actions from previous days/years that we can just practice, rewind, restart,etc over and over again for practicing purposes?
  10. myattitude

    Video journal: I'm ****e at trading - watch me get better than all of you!

    Live-Stream Journal: I'm ****e at trading - watch me get better than all of you! OK slight clickbait. Only joking :cheesy: But this will be a live streaming journey where I run live streams on this thread and you can see me **** up or cash up live as it happens. Cool huh? I'LL ONLY CONTINUE...