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    FAQ Is Trading the Same as Gambling?

    In gambling, you can calculate the odds. Not so in trading.
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    Article Paper Trading: Waste of Time or Valid Learning Method?

    objective of paper trading It is not your successes but your failures that benefit you in paper trading. What did I do wrong? Bad entry point? Bad exit point? etc.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Traders in Austin, Texas and environs who would like to meet to discuss trading matters, contact me at, and we will try to get something organized.
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    Interactive Brokers A.P.I.

    I use the TD Ameritrade API to trade. I have developed my own tools in C#, but you can easily interface to Excel. Their site is: TD AMERITRADE API Support. Good luck,
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    How do you recover from a £25,000 loss....

    I can appreciate your ire, but I have always thought the best way to deal with miscreants is to ignore them. Most do what the do to get a rise out of people. Replying just feeds the flames. These people are forum terrorists. :-)
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    Help with setting stop loses

    Stop losses are an imperfect solution to a real problem. If you use limit orders, they may not execute at all if the price is moving rapidly. If you use trade triggers (name used by TD Ameritrade) to execute a market order, they may get triggered by a glitch in the price versus a trend. To only...
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    What are some stocks in obvious swing trading patterns now?

    Virtually all stocks follow the DJIA in general. The issue is how much do they move when the DJIA moves? ... what is their beta? If you are getting started, work with low beta stocks to develop a trading strategy. It will work just as well (or not) as with stocks that move more, but low beta...
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    Where can I find a good list of stocks to watch for swing trading?

    this site has a list of volatile stocks, with charts, that is updated regularly. You do have to register to view them. Good luck
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    How do you recover from a £25,000 loss....

    I have not read 90 of the 97 replies, but it seems they degenerate rapidly. I have lost more than you. My approach to recovery was to develop my own technical indicator (I have the background to do that.) It's finished; it works; and I am on the road to recovery. Not everyone wants to do this...
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    Microsoft Visual C# - help

    I have developed my own trading tools in C#. I use Visual Studio for this. It is not cheap, nor intuitive, but it is a damn good development environment. I bought the WROX book on C# (very good). The CD with the books usually just contain source code which is not much help without a compiler...