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    Financial Astrology

    I'm not saying that I believe in astrology and I'm not saying I don't, there are a damn sure lot of things that we don't yet know and understand. G-Man
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    I'll Show You Mine If You.....

    Did you get your 20 pips? G-Man
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    FREEDOMROCKS - conflicting views

    EURCHF Correlation Waiting for the NFP I thought I would see what the current correlation for EURCHF is and compare that to what is touted in the promo video. From 25/11/03 it is -0.91162, or appx 91.2%, and from 2/1/06 it comes out at -0.90835, or 90.8%. Seems high but EURGBP from 25/11/03 is...
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    FREEDOMROCKS - conflicting views

    I think that there is something vaguely ironic that I'm looking at this thread on a day the EURCHF is up 90 pips in a 110 pip range!! Actually ,look at a longer term chart and I expect that FR's 98 % correlation may be a bit ambitious for the last 14 months. G-Man
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    What degree's do employers prefer

    Or spell eligible....
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    How to backtest forex?

    Forget backtesting in MT4. It is quite useless and will lead you to think that you will be a millionaire in weeks. Can't comment on other platforms like Tradestation or e-Signal. G-Man
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    Currency trading (Aug 28th > Sept 1st)

    Wasn't expecting the bounce after the initial drop. Anyone get it? G-Man
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    Remapping NFPR

    Looks like the data was early someplace again. G-Man
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    EUR Reversal

    Are you looking at a weekly chart? G-Man
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    Payroll Lottery

    OK. Thats bad for me. 138k. Whoops. G-Man
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    Payroll Lottery

    I think your knowledge and insight you post on this board make your $0.02 worth a couple of $$. 90 secs and counting. I'm fancy a good number as I'm basically short EUR/$. G-Man
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    Payroll Lottery

    Absoluely agree, which is why it is important to watch what is going on after the numbers. Whatever the result, things generally leap about a bit. G-Man
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    Payroll Lottery

    Judging by the way the markets can move there are quite a few people who care about the numbers. How they get their estimates....... I've no idea. G-Man
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    Payroll Lottery

    Anyone want to go in for the NFP lottery today. I'll start the ball rolling with 223k. G-Man
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    Best Thread Live Cable Trading

    Don't forget about the Asian holidays for the rest of this week. G-Man
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    Intra-day forecast EURO / USD - 17th Apr 2006

    Hope you don't trade your own forecasts. G-Man
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    Interesting Fib Dates

    Not if, a) You are into Fibonacci ratios b) You notice that the high was on the 20th. G-Man
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    Best Thread Joke of the day

    James Bond walkes into a bar and sits himself down at the bar next to the most attractive woman there. He orders his usual and begins staring at his watch. This begins to annoy the butsy brunette next to him so she asks him, "What are you doing?". "I have been given this new watch by Q"...
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    Best Thread Live Cable Trading

    It's been banging it's head on the 75-80 level all morning, but the pull backs are very small, so a break could be significant. Then again, it may not. G-Man
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    Clear Recomendation For EUR/USD (Elliot Analysis)

    Patricio, What is your opinion about the retracement of wave 4 into the range of wave 1. Strict Elliott rules say wave 4 cannot go below, in the current up move, the top of wave 1, but we have now exceeded this by quite some way in the current pattern. Do you subscribe to this rule or are you...