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    audcad analysis

    What is your forex analysis method?
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    Good support on the EUR/JPY

    Nice analysis thread. Please update on everyday. Thank you.
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    Eagle International Networking

    Hi there, first of all please introduce your company first and we will talk later...
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    31st August 2018 - USD rose again by the trade tension and the interest rate outlook

    Hi Walid, it's better if you make one thread for your daily analysis..
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    Beware of Intertraders spreads around rollover

    If you have another proof that they had a mistakes, you may appeal to them.
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    eru usd now going down

    I'm still believe that EUR/USD will rise this week.
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    What is the best intraday trading strategy for large cap stocks?

    You can use daily support and resistance point as your trading review and place a pending order.
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    FAQ How Difficult is it to Trade?

    It's easy to trade. Place an order based on your analysis and take a sit.
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    Forex daily Analysis

    I need today market analysis for XAU/USD and EUR/USD.. Thanks.
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    [XAUUSD]Weekly Forecast

    Hi @CoreChan i'm waiting your analysis update for XAU pair this week..
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    US Market Movers

    you can use Yahoo finance or Google finance for check S&P 500 and USA stocks.
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    How Can I Earn Money From Home?

    There are some ways to earn money from home, such as: register as amazon affiliate, ebay, alibaba, make websites and place Google ads, forex trading, etc.
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    Knowledge and Success

    What you should know about trading is forex like a big and deep ocean. You can't sail with recklessness. There is so many waves and lots of danger.
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    FBS Daily Analytics, News and Promotion

    EUR/USD: BULLISH 'INVERTED HAMMER' 14:17 02.04.2018 There's a bullish 'Inverted Hammer', which has been confirmed by the last 'Three Methods'. In this case, the pair is likely going to test the nearest resistance area, which could be a departure point for another decline. The lower...
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    FBS Daily Analytics, News and Promotion

    EUR/USD ANALYSIS: INSIDE AN ACTIVE DEMAND ZONE 18:09 01.04.2018 The pair is currently trading inside a strong demand zone that could allow more gains in the short-term. Don't miss the next video!
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    FBS Daily Analytics, News and Promotion

    BITCOIN (BTC/USD): STRONG BIDS PLACED AROUND 7,586 18:36 28.03.2018 Bitcoin continues to find support above the 7586 level, where buyers are actively concentrated and trying to resume the upward bias in the short term. Currently, there is a slight consolidation below the 50-hour moving...
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    FBS Daily Analytics, News and Promotion

    GOLD (XAU/USD) ENDING A POSSIBLE CORRECTIVE MOVE 18:40 28.03.2018 Gold has been trading in a bearish tone below the 50 SMA at H1 chart following the US GDP data release during March 28th session. Currently, we’re seeing a corrective move to take place in favor of the overall bullish structure...
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    FBS Daily Analytics, News and Promotion

    EUR/USD: "V-TOP" PATTERN 08:48 27.03.2018 The main trend is still bullish, but there's an opportunity to have a bearish correction in the short term. So, we should keep an eye on the nearest support at 1.2412 - 1.2387 as an intraday target. There's a "V-Top" pattern, so the pair is likely...
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    FBS Daily Analytics, News and Promotion

    GBP/USD: "DOUBLE TOP" PATTERN 08:49 27.03.2018 There's a "Double Top" pattern, so the market is likely going to test the nearest support at 1.4144. However, if we see a pullback from this line afterwards, bulls will probably try to reach the next resistance at 1.4277 - 1.4344. There're...
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    FBS Daily Analytics, News and Promotion

    WEEKLY FOREX OUTLOOK: MAR. 26-30 11:29 26.03.2018 US President Donald Trump signed a presidential memorandum that will target up to $60 billion of Chinese products with tariffs. If China comes up with countermeasures, trade tensions will escalate further. Concerns about trade wars have...