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    What are your favourite currency pairs?

    EURUSD is all time favorite and in my opinion we should only stick to one pair if we wish to learn about trading.
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    Beginners and Forex Mentor

    There is a lot of stuff available on every google on internet and the good part is that these stuff is free too.
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    Is investing in Bitcoin is safe ?

    Maybe from this point this bitcoin may take u-turn and like last year end it will goes all time high, but be careful and invest to that extent which you can afford to loose.
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    Looking for a broker that trade BTCUSD in weekend and accept bitcoin for deposit

    Many forex brokers like hotforex etc offering BTCUSD and BTCEUR, however the spreads seems reasonable but the only cons is that they does not allow crypto trading through out the week like other crypto exchanges do.
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    Which coins would you prefer to buy?

    There are a lot of coins in the market these days leaving it very hard for everyone to choose which would be the good buy. I think better to do your own research before getting involved with crypto.
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    Which broker is better?

    I guess the broker which is better to trade is the one with good track record and a past repute too, otherwise there are many brokers in the past which were regulated but they ended up taking all the traders money. Better to withdraw profits by leaving necessary capital behind.
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    Is it normal to wait 14 days for a withdraw ?

    I guess waiting time of minimum 7-10 days is for bankwire only, better option in my opinion is to take withdraw in ewallet like skrill, neteller etc which takes up to one or two business days.
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    Hot forex

    This means you need to have this app installed and then collect the different keywords to qualify for 500usd, right?
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    LMFX broker discussion

    Bitcoin is between 3200 usd or either it may go more down, seems really very unpredictable but still many had made some good luck with this new highly volatile commodity i guess.
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    LMFX broker discussion

    Guess what..! It is now around 6.5k with rumors that it can go below 5K lets see what is the next wave.
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    Anyone need any help?

    Better to stick with demo for some more time and it will help you learn more. Good LUck
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    Will Bitcoin continue to rise?

    Good enquiry.. :) I am trading bitcoin on forex as well as on other bitcoin exchanges like poloniex, bitrex, binance etc. Feel free to post any query related to bitcoin and i will surely try to help.
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    Binary trade discussion.

    Better to check reviews at sites like forex peace army etc to confirm either actual traders have any issues with the broker or not. I have traded binary options with ******** powered optiontrade brand but their management decided to close binary options and as they closed the accounts and...
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    How Can I Earn Money From Home?

    Anyone who get good hands on forex trading can be a millionaire within a few month just sitting at home, trust me however forex trading seems easier but earning money from trading isn't that easier coz it requires a lot of skills and the good part is that these skills can be learned.
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    How to check website loading speed?

    Yeah this tool by google is good one however we can also check by right clicking on the website and clicking the inspect element option where this feature is built-in .
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    Hot forex

    Playing video games and driving a super race car might be different, so better take some initial training before getting into any race car i advise.
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    LMFX broker discussion

    It is still the highly volatile emerging digital currency in my opinion however i think that this broker is still in process of integrating this payment processor i guess.
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    Does Anyone Here Trade Cryptocurrencies... Or Is that a dirty word?

    Which exchange you tried trading crypto..! I guess many forex brokers like hot forex had started accepting bitcoins as well as it is now a commodity paired against USD and EUR too.
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    A couple of cryptocurrency questions

    There are almost more than 700 coins and many yet to come..! which coin you wish to buy and hold by the way?
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    I am now buying cryptocurrencies

    MTgox and btc-e recent scam.. :-( lets hope if the traders get their money in future. There are still updates form btc-e but not sure if they are real one or rumors only. Better if we keep our coins secure in our personal wallets instead of putting them on exchanges.