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    Yellow Livestrong Charity Bracelet

    Does anybody know where can i get one of these bracelets ? , that is apart from Ebay cos i want the proceeds to go to the right charity. It is the yellow band worn by sports stars and John Kerry, the US presidential candidate.
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    The Rise and Rise of the 'Expert'

    There seems to be an increasing number of people earning a living as professional 'experts' in our daily lives. we have experts in virtually everything parading their 'expertise' in all our media even though what they say is just plain common sense or conclusion by deduction (i.e no solid facts...
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    Weekly points target for Dow and FTSE

    As someone who likes setting weekly trading targets, i am seeking opinion about what can be regarded as the minimum weekly points target that a half decent trader should aspire to make trading the Dow and FTSE...................and if the type of trading i.e day or swing is a factor i would...
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    What has been the most significant factor in ur trading life so far?

    Has there been an event, book,system or even trading tutor/seminar that u believe changed your trading around. what is it that u think improved your trading significantly i.e improved your consistency and profit making........By telling us u might be giving some of us d benefit of your...
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    Are there only a few ways of becoming a successful Trader?

    Reading through the various posts on this site, especially when somebody makes a trading profit claim or advocates a system, i get the impression that many people believe that if u trade without using certain strict TA and money management rules, u can never be a successful...
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    US markets stalling till friday?

    It seems the US markets r stalling till friday when the US jobless data would be released b4 making any decisive move..........this seems to have been the case since the Fed Reserve released their statement last week........we just seem to have been stuck within the same price range since...
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    what is a 'winning trade'?

    I keep on seeing different systems being peddled on the net with the guarantee of X amount of winning trades..........does that mean a minimum number of points (e.g 10 pt) per trade is guarranteed or once the trade has a profit of at least 1 point, it counts as a winning trade?..............I'm...
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    Top-Up Fees:Blair is right this time !!!

    I don't understand the furore over the government's new policy on tuition fees which seems to be very fair considering the fact that the universities are having funding problems. Nobody including the Tories and Liberals seems to have come up with a better alternative...........Isn't it fair that...
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    STOPS: where do u put yours?

    I just wanna see how most ppl decide on where to put their stop-loss when they embark on a trade (day, swing or even position) and if u don't believe in using STOPS can u please give your reasons. Do u ever move it backwards(increase it)? Does it depend on what u r trading or the instrument u r...
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    How do you cope with a bad trading day?

    How do u cope with a bad trading day? I am interested in knowing how ppl react to a bad trading day or even a trading mistake which u think could have been avoided, personally it seems to play on my mind for awhile but not to d extent that it neccesarilly affects my judgement...
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    Profit taking (exit strategy)

    I always seem to exit (a trade) too early or too late which ends up with me making far less points than was possible in most of my trades so i'm just wondering if anyone out there can give me some advice on how to maximise my profit. How do you decide when to exit? , do u exit after reaching...
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    Why is life suddenly so cheap?

    Life seems to have become so cheap in this new millenium, Sucide bombing have suddenly become part of our daily lives, it is now part of our daily lives to read about missing ppl esp girls being found dead , people getting killed by muggers and wierdos and even as a result of road rage. Reading...
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    Bush's Visit!

    Do we really need all the aggro and disruption that is going to result from George Bush's state visit?. What exactly do we as a country stand to gain that we wouldn't have got if he wasn't visiting?.
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    I'm never ever gonna vote again!

    I'm never ever gonna vote again!!!! Yesterday's events concerning the ousting of IDS finally confirmed to me that politicians in general are real low-lives and i will never waste my time voting for any of them again. I couldn't believe the speed (just a few minutes after the result was...
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    George Bush Jr: America's unluckiest president ever?

    I am beginning to think that George Bush jr is the most unlucky person to ever be president of the US (at least in my lifetime)....Starting from the problems with the votes that got him elected in the first place , through various disasters like 9-11 and many others, up to the California fires...
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    Re- Third degree, the city exposed (BBC3)

    Did anyone see the programme about bullying on the financial trading floors of the city of london on BBC3 last night...........maybe that explains the aggressive nature of some of the posters in!!. I am referring to those who are constantly turning interesting threads...
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    How was life b4 TA?

    It seems that Technical Analysis (TA) is now such a big part of every traders armoury but how did the early stock traders trade(i.e did Warren Buffet start off using TA?) and does any serious or professional trader trade without using TA.........I'm just curious, hopefully someone will...
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    Entry and Exit points

    I was reading the CT manual thread on this website and a common theme seemed to be that it provides a good entry point but not so good exit point...........i find this a bit confusing since i have always thought that decisions about the exit point r totally down to the individual trader not the...
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    Spread betting stocks: good or bad idea?

    I just want to know people's opinions about spread betting stocks cos as relative Newbie i have always spreadbet only indices. Is it really a good idea to SB stocks or one is better off using other instruments?
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    Sept 11: 2yrs on- is the world a safer place?

    Considering the actions taken by Messrs Bush and Blair in reaction to the world trade centre bombing, should we be thanking (and probably praising their foresight) 4 making the world a safer place 2 years along d line. Has the war against terrorism made u feel more comfortable when flying in a...