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    MT4 demo - inverse FX pairs

    Hello, Does anyone know if there is any MT4 broker which offers the inverse of popular pairs on its demo platform? e.g. USDGBP, GBPEUR, CHFEUR I appreciate conventional logic says just look at the way it's popularly quoted e.g. GBPUSD and flip your assumptions around. It would just be easier...
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    Major market moving events

    I'm curious to see how various currency pairs moved intra-day following significant market events. There's this really fascinating post over on babypips showing how the 6 Oct 2016 flash crash in GBPUSD unfolded. I wondered if any of you could point to tight timeframe charts of other...
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    Data feed standardisation

    A bit of a rant: am totally fed up with vested interests in the real-time data industry which results in a small pool of providers (did anyone say borderline monopolistic) and business practices which ensure a lack of inter-operability between different client applications. IMO, the real...
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    John Thomas: Macro Millionaire

    Snake oil merchant or the real mc coy? John Thomas is the man behind the Mad Hedge Fund and pops up (no pun intended, given what his name means in English slang :lol:) with some interesting observations on the Economist's comments pages. He's offering a distance coaching programme and...
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    Exporting MT4 profiles

    Does anyone know how to export a saved profile, say, to dump to a USB stick and copy to another PC? I've tried looking in the program subdirectory called 'Profiles' and the ones I've saved don't appear there, just the ones hard coded into the program by my broker.
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    Trading gold with IG Index

    A potentially naive, but important question, please be gentle: IG Index offers spot, near and far month gold contracts. My understanding is that these are based on NYMEX contracts. Is there much differential between NYMEX and CBOT/COMEX gold contracts? Also, am I right that the NYMEX gold...
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    Fleet Street Publications

    Didn't know quite where to post this... It's a trading system of sorts, but more a tips service (moderator: if you can think of a more appropriate place for this, please feel free to move). So what do any of you know about FSP - publishers of tips services such as Resource Trader Alert and...
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    Spreadbetters and LME

    I hope you'll forgive me for starting a standalone thread on as this concerns IG Index and the LME market; have split this out from the main IG thread as would be interested in comments from those who trade LME instruments using other spread betting facilities. The situation: Was looking at...
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    LME head warns of commodity bubble

    Financial Times, 13/14 May 2006 The chairman of the London Metal Exchange warned investors to be wary of a bubble developing in commodity markets. Donald Brydon, chairman of the world's largest exchange for base metals, said investors should be cautious of investing in commodities as they...
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    May Brent pullback

    Indicators, schmindicators to some, but which ever way you look at May Brent, it's overbought. Opinions on the level of pullback we're looking at?
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    Sorry just a bit punch-drunk from the last couple of days' intra day moves. Any opinions on which way it looks likely to go (and, yes, I watch a number of indicators) against the backdrop of (probably rising) US crude inventories tomorrow (Wed) vs. a pugilistic Iranian regime. Sorry to be so...
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    A Sharescope equivalent for US markets?

    Sorry if this is the umpteenth time this question has been asked but I'm really comfortable using Sharescope , yet feel frustrated by its lack of support for trading US markets. Is there an eqivalent product which is effective (historical charts with indicators and pre-built trendlines, as is...
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    ISAT - views?

    I know some of you don't abide chart, but for those who know how to interpret them (together with those who have anything else of interest to add) I wondered what current views are on Inmarsat? It's been in a strong uptrend since last October and has been channeling since the NY. So any views...
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    Tradewin (not to be confused with...)

    ... this same board. Yet another clickthru advertiser on ADVFN and in a startlingly similar mode of marketing to our good friends at Goldline, there's no pricing info on the website though a bot does send it back on auto-reply: Opinions?
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    PHTM - what kind of doji?

    OK here's another one for you. A doji formed on PHTM last Friday - the only question is what type. Achelis suggests it's a dragonfly - while other sites I've cross-checked this on (including t2w) suggest a dragonfly looks more like a 'T'. The appearance of this at short term resistance would...
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    The IC effect

    LOL, as you can tell I'm still playing around with Sharescope settings and have just discovered the ability to add Investors Chronicle tips as an event. Seems to be the Midas Touch in reverse...
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    Halfords - would you short it?

    Thought I'd sanity check my reading of the chart for HFD as a large part of me thinks it looks like a great - if a little slow - a shorting opportunity. 1. Upward channel since Q3 2004 (270 support to 320 resistance from Q1 2005) 2. Each upward / downward move takes an avg 2-3 months, avg 15%...
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    Eat my shorts?

    It's been a while since I last traded the UK markets - it's been too much fun looking at what's going on over in the US. But now my thoughts return to again trading in the UK and I'm a little out of touch with the latest state of play for online brokers. I see that many of the main players have...
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    Ftse 101

    So now we know why the FTSE 100 is actually the FTSE 101 - sorry I know it's a bit of an anoraky thing to have asked, but I was curious to know: Dear Troy, Many thanks for your message. There are only 100 companies included in the FTSE 100. However, one company (Schroders) currently has two...
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    AIQ Data Maintenance

    As everyone seems to be too busy trading or asleep on the AIQ BB I wondered if could put this question to any t2w AIQ users. I'm finding the biggest drawback of using this piece of software is the amount of time it demands in keeping data 'clean'. I currently use myTrack for UK and US data and...