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    2008 Top Sectors worth ($10,000) at least

    Listen carefully, the top THREE SECTORS in the USA are: Basic Materials : did you know that 42% of companies are up more than 2% in the Basic materials sector. Technology: did you know that 36% of companies are up more than 2% in the technology sector. The only other sector that comes close...
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    Want to make 29000% in One Year ?

    Can it be done? Making over 29000% return in one year trading the stock market ?
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    Dow - 14 Jan 2005

    Classic example of how to get killed in the markets. Opening range (choppy first hour) breakout that goes nowhere. Nobody could have made I profit...I didn't bother trading it !!! only 4 days in last month had a 200 point daily range where you can really make some money! Most had 150 daily...
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    Best charts

    Anyone tried this piece of software!
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    One of my favorite trades

    How to make 300 quid before tea time :cheesy: A real favorite as taught by the head of fidelity himself, a low risk entry setup called a slim jim. I trade a modified version of it. when you see this tight sideways moving pattern forming pay attention and use a w%r or stoch for entry. Supply...
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    VIVO - Look what I missed!

    You have to dig deep to find buried treasure! Have you ever chased a stock and bought just as it reversed! I have. :cheesy: I'll keep it in my watchlist, see if I can buy on a pullback.
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    Dow - 11 Jan 05

    I wont be trading US indices markets today because I like price action as smooth as my peanut butter. See chart. BTW my entry criteria gave a trade signal, but I've learned my lesson. choppy seas make my wallet sea sick :cheesy:
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    How to make 250 quid before lunch

    A master lesson in daytrading..... Wake up sleepy head.....check that charts.....FTSE SUCKS.....DAX SMOOTH MAN.... Let's trade the DAX, wait for SETUP (confidential) entry around 4297- 4295 @10pp. You could use a close EMA to track it's progress. Once it starts going sideways around 10.30pm...
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    Watch for all time highs

    A great trading opportunity occurs when a stock nears its all time high. Their is NO RESISTENCE!!! Expect to make 20% at least. MMO2 - notice the pullback to support at 88 for a low risk entry. :cheesy: US : their are plenty of nyse stocks making new highs on good volume everyday, holding...
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    Mastering Daytrading

    Daytrading is a wonderful subject, great to learn how to trade quickly! After daytrading for FOUR years you start to SEE patterns emerging and keeping a diary helps you to analyse the days you get KILLED and the days YOU MAKE A KILLING. Now the days I got KILLED all had the same thing in...