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    Thanks a lot, Rainmaker. I appreciate your answer about whom does TRENDSIGNAL use as a broker. I think that, after a very long and frustrating journey, full of ups and downs, I've finally cracked their system; in other words, I've unscrambled their fancy coloured coded signal. It's taken me...
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    Hi there. Pls, if you are (or you've been) with TrendSignal,, could you then let us know who is the Spread Betting firm they deal with? It's fine saying ''I make so many pips daily, etc.,'' but I've heard there are many dishonest brokers out there trying to catch u out who behave like sharks...
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    Simply Trading Forex. Any news?

    Hi all, :cheers: Does anybody know anything about yet another "magic wining course" which includes 2 booklets and a one-day seminar called 'SIMPLY TRADING FOREX' ? And if so, what do you reckon? :cheers: Or maybe you have bought the 2 Modules and the DVD, instead of attending the seminar...
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    How much can we reasonably expect to make by trading on Forex?

    SIMPLY TRADING FOREX (.. a magic wining crap?) Hi all, Does anybody know anything about yet another "magic wining course" which includes 2 booklets and a one-day seminar called 'SIMPLY TRADING FOREX' ? And if so, what do you reckon? Its address:
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    T2W guide to FX brokers

    OANDA for EVER :idea: OANDA is the Broker to be with. I think they are great. Their spreads are more than reasonable. And for novices you can use the paper-trading facilities for as long as one requires, be it a month or be it 2 years, or even longer still. I'm telling you...
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    T2W guide to FX brokers

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    Forex Profit Accelerator ??

    Thanks, Shad.
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    Forex Profit Accelerator ??

    Thans, Chris, I'll do that.
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    Forex Profit Accelerator ??

    Hi all, Has anybody heard of FOREX PROFIT ACCELERATOR. It's from the States. They are bombarding me into buying its course costing just over $2000.- Their literature seems to be ok but I'm not so sure what todo. It's a lot of money. So, does any of you know anything about it? Or, has anybody in...
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    Diary of a swing spread better

    :clap: Hi guys,:clap: I agree with you all. It was nice once upon a time to hear and see you were all around. You both, Split and Hung were (and still are ) very popular threads indeed. It's always been a pleasure to read your stories and, above all, learn from them, specially people like me...
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    SB's Bible= What'you think?

    Hi everyone, I've found this huge site which I think it's a Godsend, I think. There is so much in it..., so much that can be learnt... one needs a week's holyday to digest it all. Magnificent !! What do you think of it yourselves? Let me know. Keep in touch. Get to this link...
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    Hi everybody, Although I'm not new to BS, I don't think I know enough of the stuff. You're all right when saying Finspreads are a bit odd, specially since having been taken over by City Index!! Sometimes is so frustating..!! I've missed good deals due to their being so unprofessional! My...
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    Diary of a swing spread better

    Hi Splitlink, Just the fact that you said you supported Espanyol made me realize what a clever fellow to follow you were. I'm Spanish but live in Southport (UK), and I have been an Espanyol fan since I was a kid at school. I'm not very good at trading yet but I'm trying my best to learn fast...
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    About Binary Trading

    About Binary Trading Thanks to everyone who's taken part in ''clarifying'' :rolleyes: this most intriguing way of betting. After all I've read so far, I think I'll stick to my ''old'' SB. You, guys, seem to know ''what's cooking'' all the time!!! It all seems so easy when you...
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    Binary trading

    Hi there, I've done quite a bit of SB but, what about Binary trading? I have no idea... Is it worth trying ?, or, is it better to stick to traditional SB? Anybody has hat a go at it? ... and if so, was it ok? Thanks Minarque