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    Gftuk binary

    Nobody. I dont trade binaries at all now.
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    Gftuk binary

    I can confirm this as well. I started making money on the account and they started delaying my trades
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    GFT offering Binaries betting

    How did you find out they're not regulated by the gambling commission?
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    New IG FX 5 minute binaries

    Thank you fptrader for your informative post. Just to be clear, are you saying that IG Index wont close your account officially, but they'll make it so difficult for you to trade that you'll lose money, so you close account yourself willingly? But what if somehow you're still able to make...
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    How does my prop firm compare?

    Since you're one of the top performers in the country I assume you earn a lot anyway so, why would you be bothered about perks come with the job?
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    How many failed trades before you call it a day.

    For me, it depends on what you're overall success rate of winning to losing trades is. If its very high then you could probably grind out a few more trades and breakeven if you've had a few losing trades early on. If your overall success rate is about 50-70% ish then after a few losing trades...
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    Amplify Trading-my journey

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    How do binary betting brokers manage risk?

    Excellent post from Tar! Great idea to look into the company report for info. Could anyone explain what the sentence in bold means? - I would have thought that since you can place big bets on the short term markets available, the risk would be considered significant rather than insignificant...
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    How do binary betting brokers manage risk?

    Hakuna Matata, thanks for your reply. Do you think the overall delta exposure is adjusted automatically/instantly via computers and algorithms or is there a person/manager monitoring the overall exposure who then has to make decision as to which underlying to buy/sell? Also, binary options...
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    How do binary betting brokers manage risk?

    Hi, Does anyone know how binary betting companies like IG, GFT and various other binary option brokers hedge their risk against their clients? I'm guessing that there isn't any real underlying instrument so what do the companies do then? Also, are these companies allowed to hedge risk by...
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    Binary options/smart options with bonuses

    I've got the popcorn ready.. ..
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    Trading Floor pictures

    Is this a prop firm that you work for?
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    New IG FX 5 minute binaries

    Has anyone on here ever had an account closed down / suspended from IG Index because they were winning too much from binary betting?
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    Profitable Binary Options Traders

    What contract constitutes too big? Is £5pp-£8pp considered big? Thanks
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    New IG FX 5 minute binaries

    Think outside the box and you'll be able to make money trading it.
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    usa style options in the uk

    IG Index allow options on their spreadbetting platform.
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    Binary Options trading advice?

    Binary Options will never be regulated by the FSA because Binaries fall under the Gambling laws that dont offer the same protection as the FSA does.
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    Trading Office in Cambridge

    Can I ask what you mean by trading on a 'strictly co-op' basis? Do you mean that all traders will be sharing strategies and accounts with each other?
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    Can you be long and short at same time?

    Lord Flasheart I think graydrake is referring to an options strategy that aims to trade volatility rather than the direction of the market. I dont know if Gregpearce32 is trading options but if he is just trading normally (outrights) then you're right it is pointless to be both long and short.
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    BeeOptions Gold and Yen Analysis

    Scam! Scam! Scam!