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    Rating method is crap and useless

    The idea behind forums is to make their owners rich , it is a business venture by an entrepreneur.Most of the content to new readers is manipulated by content managers and paid lulz merchants who destroy threads.Threads are destroyed with crap content and lulz , there are a bunch who will rate...
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    Video games players make great traders

    An experiment was conducted .A sharp brained intelligent video games player was given a winning set of rules to follow .He traded a live account , and in his first week made 65 pip with 10 pip draw down.He is disciplined and follows the game plan given by a professional trader.In one week he is...
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    Clueless money & risk management

    Most advice given in books seminars and trading education by gurus is Risk 2 % per trade , it works well in winning streaks. If a trader gets 15 losses in a drawdown , he would lose 30 % of his account .So this advice is given by clue less gurus. In order to get 5 % drawdown from 16 losses...
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    What makes a good trader?

    MUST READ! What makes a good trader, fund manager, hedge fund manager, salestrader, and buy-side trader | Wall Street Oasis Dr. Van K. Tharp – The Psychology of Trading (Market Wizards) : Caça aos Cisnes Losing Character Traits That Will Wipe Out Your Equity...
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    Great stock trading methods

    Here is a nice method imho.Any opinions/ Thousands of free educational videos on youtube. Day Trading Strategy Bollinger Bands Squeeze - YouTube
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    8 methods to consistent profitability

    95% of traders fail because they can not master the the art of trading .The art is the ability to apply the method most suitable for the market conditions ,under stress and with psychological baggage, no single method will work in all market conditions and no system will work consistently.It...
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    Live trading room signals charges

    How much should a professional trader charge clients for allowing them to witness live trades on live accounts ?These should be viewed through teamviewer and trades can be copied by clients.Average weekly pips required by me is 100 with low draw downs of 200 pips maximum.. What are you guys...
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    Compounding billionaires on t2w

    If a good trader can earn a simple 30 pips consistently a day from trading , a trader can become a billionaire in 5 years
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    9 inches makes successful traders

    The success of a trader depends on the 9 inches between the ears. The hard part is in understanding your psychology, because it’s true that the nine inches between your ears will determine your success as a trader.If knowledge is the main reason why most traders fail, then psychology is the...
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    Sitting and trading damages health

    How Sitting All Day Is Damaging Your Body and How You Can Counteract It After 30 years of trading and sitting , one can get affected psychologically.
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    Joe John method live calls

    This is how Joe blogg trades on a discretionary basis Trade on gut feelings , emotions , counter trade trading with all personality issues.He gets an Oomph and places trades.:lol: Beginner Joes will make live calls here . Long Euro usd 1.3357 , stop 20 , target 20 . Market is wrong , it...
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    emotions make traders deviate from their trading plans

    The crowd-induced emotions make traders deviate from their trading plans and lose money The Brain on Trading: Emotional Intelligence and the Trader Trading on emotion: traders, reason and emotion in financial markets - OpenLearn - Open University
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    Discipline training

    Get these wav files and replace the windows sounds on your computer with these sounds .These sounds will be triggered many times a way , playing them sounds for months may help traders become very disciplined. WavSource: Movies: Kindergarten Cop / Free Wav Files and Sound Clips You lack...
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    The 7 Habits Of A Highly Successful Trader

    The 7 Habits Of A Highly Successful Trader - YouTube
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    Forums : conflicts of interest

    Good traders/posters often get banned from many other forums , simply because they are negatively affecting the interests of forum owners and forum sponsors , not the traders.Forums are discussion boards where traders want to freely debate and discuss , but often views are suppressed by...
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    Self fullfilling prophecy of set ups

    Traders have a tendency to see patterns and set ups everywhere , it can lead to seeing trades that don’t exist. Patterns: The Need for Order | Psych Central Our brains have evolved to look for patterns and assign meaning, even when none exist. Book Review: The Believing Brain. Michael...
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    Trainee traders

    If a private trader was to offer new traders the opportunity to be given full hands on training for 6 to 12 months , would it breach site rules? What other laws would it breach? The training would involve full live account trading experience and skill , it would be provided free with a...
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    Watching this video will save lives

    Drive Carefully - YouTube
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    Box breakout pro scalping

    I have dedicated this thread to box breakout scalping .I am a professional trader and want to show you a professional scalping method. Before opening every trade ,you must find a box .A box is a range of candles which can be in all shapes and can be in a triangular form , rectangular...
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    Box breakout trading

    Trade Forex With A Directional Strategy Trading System Development: Trading the Opening Range Breakouts Volatility Breakout...