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  1. Zenda

    Is anyone familiar Andrew Mitchem - the forex trading coach? online forex course

    Errors FXMAN is not a valid registration number. Please check that you typed it correctly, and that you did not accidentally enter letters instead of numbers (O instead of zero, I instead of one etc.) The registration number you entered doesn't exist in our database. Please call 0844 482 1948 if...
  2. Zenda

    Knowledge to action, Secker against the grain

    At Last an honest response from a real winner - Thanks so can I ignore the comments on this blog ? KnowledgeToAction Traders University - Scam Course?: KnowledgetoAction Reviews & Testimonies
  3. Zenda

    anyone confident enough to post live 10 winning trades in a row?

    Just seen this thread (I haven't visited T2W for months ) I won a share of the £100,000 Worldspreads competition last December with 19 winning live trades in a row - Incidently 185 other traders completed 10 in a row !!
  4. Zenda

    John Bartlett CD course

    Re: Progress from Spread Betting
  5. Zenda

    Best Thread Correlation Trading - Basic Ideas and Strategies

    Hi Neil Glad this Thread is going strong - I remember you emailing me when you first started it - Congratulations on its success Kind Regards John Bartlett
  6. Zenda

    Events Calander?

    When are we likely to see the return of the Events coming up Calender?
  7. Zenda

    Free Charting CD Free postage

    Introduction to Charting - Updated CD from Myself John Bartlett available FREE to T2Win Members email Name and addess to - Many Beginners Courses available from T2W shop. - No Catches free postage.
  8. Zenda

    Any reviews on John Bartlett 2 Day Residential “Hands on” Live Trading course?

    Well others disagree with you Grant! Students Comments from recent attendees of John Bartletts Courses Posted by John Bartlett Thanks John. At last a course that I actually think is great value for money. Looking forward to giving up the day job. I did Greg Secker’s course which compared...
  9. Zenda

    Ultimate Forex Predictor

    This one really wound me up so hence my short video on youtube:mad: YouTube - Fed up with being Ripped off Trading Systems Z
  10. Zenda


    Try This Try ProRealTime : Real Time Technical Analysis Software - good platform - Free EOD & Web based not a download:thumbsup:
  11. Zenda

    Best Thread Technical analysis... a load of ********

    Well most work for me to! (except the Fibonacci rubbish). But the indicators can only guide you to a decision - I also agree that the markets are totally random - now if they were not then.............
  12. Zenda

    Brokers Revenge - Spikes

    Nice one provided limits not to greedy !
  13. Zenda

    Brokers Revenge - Spikes

    Beware of spikes - This shows how the markets can get you no matter what your thinking - for a day trader is it wide or close stops this occurred yesteday 2nd Feb 2007 :rolleyes:
  14. Zenda

    Zenda has reverted to Hype!!

    Well if everybody else is using hype I thought I would Start - Z :rolleyes: Visit this link on you tube
  15. Zenda

    Zendas Picks Fx & FTSE350

    ! A LAKE - just watch some wally make a silly comment!
  16. Zenda

    Zendas Picks Fx & FTSE350

  17. Zenda

    Zendas Picks Fx & FTSE350

  18. Zenda

    Worldspreads upgraded!

    They do not for me - :cool:
  19. Zenda

    Zendas Picks Fx & FTSE350

  20. Zenda

    Bets in the City - Book - Must for new traders

    I thought you would like to know about a brilliant new book on trading which has been released in time to get it for yourself or for fellow traders. Humorous and well written. Its not that I'm mentioned inside (or is it my modesty being called Mr Big!!) but it is now available from below- But...