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    Simply Trading Forex. Any news?

    Hi all, :cheers: Does anybody know anything about yet another "magic wining course" which includes 2 booklets and a one-day seminar called 'SIMPLY TRADING FOREX' ? And if so, what do you reckon? :cheers: Or maybe you have bought the 2 Modules and the DVD, instead of attending the seminar...
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    Forex Profit Accelerator ??

    Hi all, Has anybody heard of FOREX PROFIT ACCELERATOR. It's from the States. They are bombarding me into buying its course costing just over $2000.- Their literature seems to be ok but I'm not so sure what todo. It's a lot of money. So, does any of you know anything about it? Or, has anybody in...
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    SB's Bible= What'you think?

    Hi everyone, I've found this huge site which I think it's a Godsend, I think. There is so much in it..., so much that can be learnt... one needs a week's holyday to digest it all. Magnificent !! What do you think of it yourselves? Let me know. Keep in touch. Get to this link...
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    About Binary Trading

    About Binary Trading Thanks to everyone who's taken part in ''clarifying'' :rolleyes: this most intriguing way of betting. After all I've read so far, I think I'll stick to my ''old'' SB. You, guys, seem to know ''what's cooking'' all the time!!! It all seems so easy when you...
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    Binary trading

    Hi there, I've done quite a bit of SB but, what about Binary trading? I have no idea... Is it worth trying ?, or, is it better to stick to traditional SB? Anybody has hat a go at it? ... and if so, was it ok? Thanks Minarque