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  1. Pat494

    Money from rubbish ?

    I see Rome amongst others have a terrible problem of rubbish collection and disposal. Not easy to get rid of such mountains of trash. However I have an idea. The idea is to dispose of the rubbish by literally tipping it into active volcanoes and poooooof… It's gone !! Cities would pay big bucks...
  2. Pat494

    BBC fiasco

    No wonder the BBC is short of money even though they raise all those millions from the public. They employ pretty ordinary folk at vast expense. Is Linker really worth £1.7 million per year ? Definitely not in my opinion. That is nearly 20 times what the Prime Minister gets. Alright he sounds...
  3. Pat494

    Must see bargains

    Check this out guys. If only I was 50 years younger ! One could trade from here and bask/fish in the warm waters.
  4. Pat494


    What is so objectionable about Islamists ? Is it because their religion is different from the majority Christian religion ? Or is it the drip drip affect of terrorism ? The Moslem leaders never seem to publicly apologise for terrorist acts, of which there have been many. Even the slaughter of...
  5. Pat494

    RIP Doris Day

    The all American gal
  6. Pat494

    Gross inequality in UK

    I have seen figures suggesting that the top 1% owns over 50% of the assets in the UK. Hardly a recipe for social harmony. The Tories are beginning to catch the backlash of average people's frustration and anger...
  7. Pat494

    Is there really a God ?

    Whether God exists or not has been vexed question for millennia. I had 2 Jehovah's Witnesses come to my door a short time ago looking for converts. Both nice people and sincere in their beliefs but I wasn't ready to be converted from my sceptical beliefs or lack of them. I thought I would have...
  8. Pat494

    Anyone having problems with XM broker ?

    I have tried to get in touch with XM as I have an account with them. But when I phone the numbers they give 44 203 1501500 and 44 203 8629869, neither connects. Are they in trouble ?
  9. Pat494

    DEMOCRACY - Is it over ?

    After watching democracy at work in the Brexit shambles then the question MUST be asked - is it over ? Has democracy had it's day ? It can no longer deliver results when the usual parties like the Socialists and SNP won't abide by the rules of the game. The referendum gave a clear and decisive...
  10. Pat494

    Starting in the World again.

    Just supposing you had the chance to start again as a hopeful 20+ year old and keeping your knowledge, what would you do ? Personally I would set out on the path to be a motivator and top football manager. Must be a lot of fun honing one's tactics and building up a small dedicated team to...
  11. Pat494

    Health foods

    A very good video for basic heal foods strengthening one's body.
  12. Pat494

    Daily silver and gold

    These 2 are the base of economic activities. Silver Gold both daily
  13. Pat494

    Crime and punishment

    Surely by the 21st century someone should have come up with some sort of method to reduce crime and the 70% re-offending rate. Obviously longer sentences are no good and haven't worked. Perhaps go the other way - shorter sentences and let loose the psychologists and do-gooders on them ?
  14. Pat494

    Will artificial intelligence affect you ?

    Oh YES and how. Here is a video that puts it simply and clearly. Have you thought about it ? Are you ready ? Will your job disappear ? Watch the video Comments welcome
  15. Pat494


    Aud/Chf Looks like upward movement here
  16. Pat494

    Hobbies & interests outside of trading?

    Aaaaah it is the weekend again. My it comes around so fast it can make a fellas head spin. Mostly on this forum the main interest is trading BUT what do you guys get up to when relaxing ? Especially at weekends. A good book perhaps ?
  17. Pat494

    The fall of mighty Empires. Yes there have been many mighty Empires in the past which are now poverty stricken. Thanks to :- 1. Interrupted trade 2. Internal strife to gain control of the country. 3...
  18. Pat494

    Creative thinking

    This is a shortish but emotive video that wannabe whiz people should watch.
  19. Pat494

    World Cup 2018

    From Russia with luv. It seems no one else is going to start a thread so here goes...…………………
  20. Pat494

    Stock Picking site

    Anyone know a net site that will show the current merits of stocks. Particularly P/E, recommendations etc. Preferably free