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    Crap ads

    Tried to mark "forums read" and get a crap GFT ad over the top!
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    Advanced WindowsCare 1.72

    Just discovered this. It found 45 "problems" on mine. I don't see any improvement in speed though.
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    O&O Defrag

    I've just rediscovered O&O Defrag. I forgot there was still a free version out there. I had a couple fragments DiskeeperLite was missing but these are cleared up now. O&O DkLite ;)
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    Diskeeper 9.......FREE?

    Diskeeper 9 and Backup Now 4. I found this on PcPitstop for all you Diskeeper fans: "Diskeeper Lite 9! To get it you need to download the full version (89MB) of Intel Desktop Utilities. Once downloaded, run the exe to unzip its contents into a folder of your choice. In the directory tree...
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    Presumably everyone is up to date with their definitions ;)
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    Free Software

    More free software on Langa today ;)
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    Eclipse Internet joins the Kingston Group

    Just heard this. There's more here,
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    National Flags

    I notice that I've been allocated a Union Flag :eek: Please, I'm English :cheesy:
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    New Olympic sports

    I didn't realise jumping off the top board with your boyfriend was an Olympic sport :rolleyes: What other ones could we introduce?
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    Spybot update! 28th July

    There's been a rare Spybot definitions update :cool: Don't forget to Immunize ;)
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    Windows Critical Updates

    Check for Windows Critical Updates now.
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    SpywareBlaster update

    New version 3.2 Close and uninstall the old version first as instructed ;)
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    Free Money $$£$£$£$$

    As it's quiet today, I thought I'd share this. I won't be able to spend all this so I thought we could have a divi up between friends on T2W :cheesy: Email received yesterday: Dear Friend, With due respect, I would Like to disclose a mutual transaction to you. I am Mr Tutu Sigidi Head...
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    Ad-aware Cloak

    I've just discovered Ad-aware Cloak Certain spyware, malware and viruses :twisted: are able to shut down your AV and other such scanners. The Cloak allows you to run Ad-aware in this event. Put the Cloak on your Desktop, just in case ;) (about...
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    Any ideas??

    I'm running 2 instances of Sierra from TWS. Upgraded both to version 48. The one on my TWS machine is updating. The networked one is not :rolleyes: I've checked the Data Source Settings etc. Network is running OK. Server Name Connect on program startup/retry if fail to...
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    View New Posts

    Hi Sharky, I just opened T2W and had to leave for 20 mins. When I came back and clicked on New Posts, it was as if I had just cleared it. I hadn't been to the site since about 11AM. Thanks
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    Zone Alarm 5 problems

    Fred Langa highlighted problems with the latest version of Zone Alarm. Here's an update
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    Eclipse FLEX broadband

    My IP Eclipse sent me this ad for their new FLEX broadband. Apparently you can change your speed at the touch of a button. I haven't got broadband but I thought it might be of interest ;)
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    I found this on Langa I don't know anything about it. I've enquired on Pitstop.
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    Attack on Phoney bLiar yesterday

    After yesterday's flour bomb attack in Parliament, there's talk of keeping the public away from MPs. Surely it would be better for everyone if they kept MPs away from the public :cheesy: