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    Birth of New Trend Tipple Entry Harmonic Pattern Trading System

    Triple Entry Triple Entry
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    You can copy all trades from your MT5 platform to MT4 platfom in less than 1 second?

    Meta Trader 5 users know that Meta Trader 5 is the powerful FX trading tool. However the choice of brokers might be limited for the time being. I really didn't like this fact because some countries does not have access to the live account for Meta Trader 5 platform and they can't make money...
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    1000 % rerun in year in stock investment

    Dear fellow trader. I have been trading in Forex for some time and I think in forex , some good traders can get profit of over 1000 % in a year (not easy but still you can , a lot of private investor making over 1000 % in a year). So I was just wondering if over 1000 % return in stock...
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    You Must Be Experienced Trader!!!

    Had recently developed a good EA in partnership with an experienced trader for free!! One experienced coder already mentioned in some other post: The right order for developing a successful EA is finding working method first in real trading and then to implement them in code. ( not the other...