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    FX/cfd prop firms

    Can anyone recommend any remote FX / cfd prop firms that don't require any training or tests. I found Blue Point Trading which pays from the start, but would be interested in any recommendations. Thanks.
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    MT4 Order flow volume bars/delta indicator

    Hi Does anyone know of an order flow volume indicator for MT4 that shows the buyers and sellers within each bar like this one for Ninjatrader?
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    Platinum Trading Systems

    Does anyone have any experience of these guys and using their system? I did a free trial a while ago and I quite liked the system, but it was only for 2 weeks.
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    DMA STP forex broker

    Hi Can anyone recommend a DMA STP forex broker with Equinix connectivity that supports natural gas? I know FX Pro support gas, but I'm looking for very fast execution (around 1ms), preferably with VPS options. thanks
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    Galaxy Kingdom

    Anybody had any experience of this firm based in Hong Kong offering trading capital?
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    Prop firms overnight positions

    Hi Does anyone know any prop firms providing backing for FX that allow overnight positions? I have recently switched from day trading to swing trading daily charts with positions of upto about 2 weeks. All the prop firms I have tried seem to be more interested in making money out of their...