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    Censorship Thread

    @Arabian - If your accusations are right, then "amnesty" is not something we can grant on behalf of the police because they will (presumably) be arrested. If your accusations are not right, then someone's name and profits are forever trashed and it's not something that can be recovered from. So...
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    Censorship Thread

    Sorry, you fastposted me. Yes, I did. I tried to get the names of people in the fund, and every name I got, I contacted (except firewalker, who was in on most of the PMs I had with arabian) - including wasp. People I spoke to were obviously hesitant to give out the names of other people in the...
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    Censorship Thread

    @Zupcon :rolleyes: Yes, suppressing...that's what I'm doing right now. The reason I want to talk to people one on one is because you're not going to let anything constructive happen are you? Stop whining and start helping us actually fix things. I am making myself as available as possible to...
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    Censorship Thread

    I'll call your bluff sir - PM me where you'd like me to call.
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    Censorship Thread

    Since when do conspiracy theories help anyone? Gathering all the information and then making sure it gets to the right people (who aren't us) is the best way to a) protect members and b) get to the bottom of it. I can get more, real, information by going to the people who are actually involved...
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    Censorship Thread

    Shoot me a pm, we'll talk, on the phone, there's nothing to hide. How's that?
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    Censorship Thread

    Morning all. Sorry I didn't post sooner, it was Canadian Thanksgiving (not to be confused with the later American one) and for some odd and unknown reason I took the weekend off. My mistake :) I understand that a bunch of people are a little confused about my apparent double dating, but lets...
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    Creating a private forum

    Private forums provide a space for groups to talk about a specific topic or interest in more depth and with less public involvement than in the open forums. They are a great way to dig deeply into a specific form of analysis, strategy, or just to build a group of friends. Anyone may request a...
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    Setting up a forum

    Feel free to PM me and we'll talk about options :)
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    EPIC thread going...

    Yes, I closed the EPIC thread rumour mill. Let the fingers be pointed, and the admin conspiracy begin. The long and the short of it is this: - There was no real hard evidence availble either way, it was all rumour and heresay which was doing nothing but getting people hot under the collar. -...
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    Advice Needed

    Ha! Great advice. Taking a year off was the best choice I made coming out of school. Def. go for it! :) Not that I'm an expert on trading or financial careers, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong here, but if I were to do my education over again, I'd get something practical. A masters in...
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    Member Changed Name Suggestion

    DD's suggestion seems like the least brown of the muddy-brown that will inevitably come from changing rules about changing nicks. So, from this point on, lets just say that while nick changes are not out of the realm of possibility, you'll need a pretty good reason for it (simple spelling...
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    Member Changed Name Suggestion

    OK, so does anyone actually see any value in name changes? Nika and I discussed it, but were under the impression everyone was quite attached to them. The only purpose I can see for them are 1) lulz, 2) because the lulz weren't so luly and you are trying to distance yourself from them or 3)...
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    T2W - Letter of COMPLAINT

    Rothschild is right gooseman :) While this is teh int0rwebz and I'm sure everyone's "portfolio" is much bigger than mine or Neoripley's, there's no need to rip into everyone. I've only been around a couple of weeks and so don't have much weight yet, but really, if you want the lulz, either...
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    Classic FX

    BSD, you need to stop trolling DT around the forum. If you have specific issues with him, please come talk to me, one of the mods or admins about it privately so that it can be dealt with properly. DT, don't feed the trolls and if you do respond, don't flame back because it will just put you...
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    Nika on maternity leave

    A popular thread indeed :) Thanks for the intro Sharky. Hi everybody. I'm just here to hang out, get to know you fine folks, and generally beef up the mod team and community recruitment action. I'd love to get anyone's feedback if you have any questions, recommendations, desires to rant and...