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    Bitcoin - online fad or the future?

    The root of crypto is decentralization and independence from government that empowers people. No doubt we are in a crypto mania now, but the concept of a global digital currency has been coming since Biblical times. Crypto is here to stay albeit probably not at insane prices. Here is a guide to...
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    Thassos Greece?

    Actually much depends on what you are looking for a Greek Island Experience: Culture, history, archeological/historic sights, more locals than tourists, traditional Greek Food and way of life or shopping, partying, nightlife, laying around on a beach, the buzz of crowds and spending money on...
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    Will Bitcoin continue to rise?

    Definitely bitcoin still has an immense potential for growth, although I personally am not overly enthusiastic about the positive impact that this type of cryptocurrency news can have, where large corporations express their interest in speculating on the price of bitcoin.
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    Which trading strategy would you prefer?

    I have never traded with crypto currency because, it is very difficult to predict their price action. I some how feel it is highly volatile and there is no particular pattern a such.But you can try to find the infor you need on this crypto portal
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    Trade or Invest in Bitcoin?

    I have recently started investing in cryptocurrency and I am taking it as a long term investment of at least 6 months to probably a year or more. Has anyone else made any investments this year in crypto? May say it's too late, but I believe it still has a huge potential.
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    Cold crypto wallet choice

    I recommend using a hardware cryptocurrency wallet, i use ledger nano and never had any problem and i use it almost every week, but please always check the address you send on your ledger screen to be sure you not have the virus that change bitcoin address when copy and paste.
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    Suggest me crypto wallet

    Maybe Nano Ledger S? I don't have Nano Ledger S myself, but apparently many swear by them. In my opinion it couldn't be a bad investment and all in all, it seems to be a pretty secure way to handle things according to this resource . But I believe...
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    Bitcoin future?

    I believe that investing in everything is risky especially cryptocurrency. Don’t take anyone’s advice about what will happen with the bitcoin. Personally, I believe we are just starting, just my own opinion and you shouldn’t consider that as investment advice as well. Just read cryptocurrency...
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    What are you watching now?

    Game of Thrones