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  1. BearBull Trading

    Risk Reward Myth

    In my opinion statements like "only take trades with minimum Risk:Reward of x " is nonsense. On entering a trade I only know where my "fixed disaster stop" is. The market & exit is dynamic & changes tick by tick. After entering, the "reason" to exit may come at 1 tick or 1000 ticks - the market...
  2. BearBull Trading

    Do you have a daily, weekly, or monthly goal in profit?

    I do not have, or think its a good idea to set a fixed $$ goal. I see no benefit in stopping trading "just because" you've reached a certain $ goal. The losing days will soon bring that average day down. I believe you'd be better setting a process orientated goal eg. How efficient was my...
  3. BearBull Trading

    Why do you trade?

    For me.. the "why do I trade" is for the (cliche alert ;-) ) freedom. The freedom to make choices. The freedom to spend the most important commodity of all: Time, as you want with who you want. I've got a few weeks left of a 3mth overseas trip with my son. Being a Trader has given me the freedom...
  4. BearBull Trading

    Back/forward testing & Expectancy & Profit Factor

    So with 35% win rate I reckon your Expectancy Ratio is around 0.24 ? Profit Factor by itself is meaningless (to me). To evaluate a trader/method/system I particularly look at return & max peak > trough drawdown....What are yours ? In the real world of trading, with a finite amount of time &...
  5. BearBull Trading

    What's your risk : reward ratio?

    Whilst the following may have the "Gurus" who regurgitate the mantra of say "your risk reward must be 1:3 to be successful" jumping out of their chairs, I will risk their wrath & say this.... I have no idea of my risk / reward before entering a trade. Whilst I will have a stop (really for...
  6. BearBull Trading

    Any Commodity Traders with Proven Skills?

    I would caution you not to trade Futures / Commodities with $2k (even if somehow allowed to & if that's all you have as risk capital). But in answer to your Q....Yes - your liability if trading Futures is not limited by your account size - It is unlimited liability.