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    Question - website/software to see what and when the big guys are buying/selling

    you can also use the iceberg detector to put orders and also use it when you are already in a position for taking profit or to see if it gets absorbs. I would not recommend getting in a position accordingly to the data it provides, because like you said, orders can be pulled off, but if, for...
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    Question - website/software to see what and when the big guys are buying/selling

    Almost every platform will give you the data about buying and selling, in any size. The Bookmap software offers the Iceberg detector which detects major buyers and sellers that are not shown on the list until their order is executed.
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    Software/Platform recommendations for beginner

    Along with any platform you find I recommend you to take a look at Bookmap, an innovative tool that helps a lot to beginners. They have a very useful lessons section that will help you understand what is about, and also a Youtube channel.
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    Trading Software

    I recommend n Bookmap as a supplementary tool for analysis price movements. Its unique way of showing the contemporary and historical price action in the form of a heatmap helps a lot to understand the markets.
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    nailed it on CEI

    A nice move identifying the large liquidity of buyers around 2.50 on Bookmap, along with FA. run with it until 3.10.... should have stayed with some
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    Detecting Accumulation

    check the volume bars and a great tool to use is Bookmap heat shows graphically which aggressors absorb the other
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    How do you identify trend?

    I use the TWS of IB and TC2000 there the indicators are free (those I need). on Bookmap I use volume bar, iceberg detector and the CVD (comulative volume delta)
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    How do you identify trend?

    When the indicators I'm using (=ema's) meats in a price level, for example, and also the heatmap in Bookmap shows a large liquidity level, it's a good confirmation for me.
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    Does technical analysis work or not?

    TA works, but as a pare of a structure or a bigger analysis plan. because the market is a very dynamic and complicated place an analysis should relay on several tools. I for example use FA and Bookmap to validate the TA I've done in a stock.
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    How do you identify trend?

    A trend is first of all a price movement. when there is an exhaustion of buyers/sellers in a price range and power of sellers/buyers on the other end a trend shift may occur, and that shift in price direction is support with aggressor s a trend is happening. I use the Bookmap heat map to see if...
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    How do you identify trend?

    my method is seeing higher highs for up trend and lower lows for down trend. the heat map can show if the trend will continue, by showing if there are big levels of liquidity that supports it.