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    Tickmill acquires FCA license?

    Wow that's great news, it means I'm already in the contest. Now I feel geared up to show who's best in the garden :D
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    Hot forex

    Yes seems its available for demo too, means completely free of charge. Good news for freebie hunters like me :D
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    Trading Contests?

    I take part in NFP machine game for Tickmill. Takes 5 seconds to put your prediction before NFP on some currency pair on their facebook page. The closest prediction earns 200 bucks. Other contests are BS or take a lot of time what I don't like :).
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    Can we trust market makers (DD)?

    So following your statement retail forex industry is a bunch of scam artist and making money in forex trading consistently is big hype?
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    Brokers with Unlimited open orders

    Really? its too big I think you should have very big money at stake to open such mighty positions. Are you sure your broker will be able to handle them effortlessly. Its not about moving 1 lot in/out of market. Max I made with tickmill is 25 lots but it was a news trade and I barely closed it...
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    Which broker to choose from metadrader

    Operated by Russian fellas? Do not trust to them, better to choose something more trustworthy from UK like tickmill or oanda, IMO
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    Tickmill acquires FCA license?

    How good is Tickmill for EA? Is it paid, custom build or general one? Could you give some tips on what should I consider if I want to try some automate trading with them?
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    Gold setup

    Check how gold react on news, bullish spikes may be a signal that somebody tries to mount bullish positions when other fools sell. News reaction is a good hint in this case. For now I think most probably scenario for gold is short till 1230
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    The target is 1.25, Brexit negotiations just started. It is surely a surprise box for investors as terms of the exit may have really killing consequences for the ecnomic and political stability of the UK. Verdict: Short short short.
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    Tickmill acquires FCA license?

    They will probably leave offshore branch for those who needs high leverage. For Tickmill its seychelles, they don't need headache with CySEC or FCA about allowing clients to take too high risk.
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    Understanding Bollinger Bands

    Bollinger bands alone means nothing trading like this is same as tossing a coin. ut nevertheless you can proceed this way as well just always keep stop loss ready to cut losses. Never try to beat the market, don't mislead yourself that you can bit all crowd there, jut SUBMIT to it and try to...
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    Tickmill acquires FCA license?

    Hey absolutely agree with you. I standed for toughening access to this risky game for newbies as it would save them thousand times more than 2-3 of them manages to pull out something more than their original deposit. :D Now I see regulators are not there just to be as marketing ploy. FCA really...
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    Solid ECN Broker Comparisons

    Yes retail forex becomes more and more regulated. FCA and CySEC already applied 1:50 leverage and its even better as it keeps you from fast losing. Making profit is a second task after saving your original deposit so I believe is a good move. With tickmill's superb platform for scalping I think...
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    Axitrader,PFD nz,Global Prime, IC Markets, Darwinex, FXPIG, Tickmill, DirectFX?

    IMO, Myfxbook spreads are purely indicative and may be a delusive criteria when choosing a broker. My exposure with Tickmill and Global Prime was primarily positive, although I would single out Tickmill as along with better execution they ensure best safety with FCA regulation (IMO I consider...
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    Which Broker to go with

    Yes some of them are really strict in the process of accepting clients. Much because of bureaucracy, regulations etc. No guarantees they will deal with requests and issues appropriately as their attitude can be seen already from registration process. :rolleyes: Competition is the only drives the...
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    Tickmill acquires FCA license?

    They are in UK. As your are from a country which citizens are eligible by FCA compensation, I would advice you to go with them. But if you are risk-hunter trading with lowered leverage (1:50) may present an obstacle for you..
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    The most profitable trading system

    Not much without proofs. For now its just a high talk :)
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    USDRUB trading

    Hey folks, What do you think about Russian Ruble? Oil prices go up, Trump softens its stance towards Russia, their currency looks undervalued... taking long on it makes sense or better to wait for clearer signals? Any replies are appreciated.
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    Tickmill acquires FCA license?

    I see switzerland in the list of allowed countries
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    Deposit Methods

    I find Skrill is better and safer than Paypal, their frequent unreasonable account freezes forced me to discontinue using their services.