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  1. Zenda

    Events Calander?

    When are we likely to see the return of the Events coming up Calender?
  2. Zenda

    Free Charting CD Free postage

    Introduction to Charting - Updated CD from Myself John Bartlett available FREE to T2Win Members email Name and addess to - Many Beginners Courses available from T2W shop. - No Catches free postage.
  3. Zenda

    Brokers Revenge - Spikes

    Beware of spikes - This shows how the markets can get you no matter what your thinking - for a day trader is it wide or close stops this occurred yesteday 2nd Feb 2007 :rolleyes:
  4. Zenda

    Zenda has reverted to Hype!!

    Well if everybody else is using hype I thought I would Start - Z :rolleyes: Visit this link on you tube
  5. Zenda

    Zendas Picks Fx & FTSE350

  6. Zenda

    Bets in the City - Book - Must for new traders

    I thought you would like to know about a brilliant new book on trading which has been released in time to get it for yourself or for fellow traders. Humorous and well written. Its not that I'm mentioned inside (or is it my modesty being called Mr Big!!) but it is now available from below- But...
  7. Zenda

    Free Intro to Charts Videos

    Below are the links to watch the full "Introduction to Charts" Videos. These are Small Videos 320 x 240 and are in 18 videos - :D All courses mentioned can be purchased from the T2W shop - ;)
  8. Zenda

    Scam Merchants - Lets get rid of them??

    Removed - never to contribute on T2W forums again I may submit articles for the benefit of those that appreciate it but there are some exceedingly nasty and jealous individuals here. :|
  9. Zenda

    1 pip spread on GBP YEN EUR AUS

    I quote from an email I received yesterday - is this going to cause all spreadbetting companies to compete? Name of company witheld as not to advertise - Z However, we now have a firm date for the 1 point spreads on USD V GBP/EURO/YEN/AUS; it will be on June 1st.
  10. Zenda

    Website Design has just been chosen as a case study as a recommended design website too see the brief presentation click this link "Pure Class"
  11. Zenda

    Are you feeling Old! check this out!

    This was sent to me I thought you would like to share it! - Zenda :cheesy: Feel like you're getting old? You'll enjoy this then ..... Born before 1986?? According to today's regulators and bureaucrats, those of us Who were kids in the 60's, 70's and early 80's probably shouldn't have...
  12. Zenda

    Horse Race on Wall Street

    This article was "Below" the intelect for the "Lab" so for the benefit of Newbies Dow Jones Stakes – Wall Street- 2.30 am JB: “OK Rodney so you like having a dabble on the gee gee’s; and you think your not clever enough to take on the world of financial trading and you also think it’s an area...
  13. Zenda

    Seen this advert in the Times??

    Apparently appeared in the Sunday Times - � How to make �10,000, �20,000, �30,000 per week, TAX FREE� I know this seems too good to be true but If I could show you how you could win 90% of the time as a currency trader, and earn a tax free* income for the rest of your life how much money...
  14. Zenda

    Trying to upload my PC stup picture

    Tried for a couple of weeks but keep getting picture No 1 :eek:
  15. Zenda

    Changed my Avtar -

    By popular demand - I think a lot of you were missing CZJ ;) Zendas Trading Zone attached :eek:
  16. Zenda

    The First Domino ??

    Concern about a US housing bubble is now reaching a fever pitch. Front page stories and thoughtful columnists in the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times are sounding the tocsin. Googling ‘housing bubble’ instantly produces 2.4 million references. :rolleyes:
  17. Zenda

    Proposed SW Traders Meet (not for beginners)

    Trading can be the loneliest job in the world!!! It has been suggested to me that many traders would like the opportunity to get together and meet fellow traders in actual trading conditions. So I have made enquiries and I am willing to try (to see if there is demand) to arrange a trading day...
  18. Zenda

    Problems getting website- Help

    Been trying to get this website for 4 days - they say its OK I cant get it Could you please check it andd let me know if you can get it - Thanks
  19. Zenda

    Watch out for this Scam!! Warning

    Sticking my neck out here Watch out for this Russian Scam - very professional website - they are now mailshotting traders - BEWARE - this is an email I received "Hello, Adriel! *** WHO WE ARE? *** TransferGate was founded in 2001 by an international group of experts in the sphere of finance...
  20. Zenda

    Keeping Fit at the Work Station

    Most of us traders suffer from wrist and arm strains when trading for a long time, especially when sitting in front of the Monitor. I recently came accross this method of keeping the arms and shoulders fit and in peak condition - Remember as a trader you need to be fit in all areas! here is an...