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    Does the employment situation report from BLS noticeably change the FX major pairs?

    Does the data being exposed from the reports have a drastic change to currency pairs such as EUR/USD and USD/JPY on the charts? if so then how long does it take into effect and what data precisely should I look out for? Unemployment rates? average weekly earnings? :idea:
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    Just how effective is the Ichimoku trading system really is?

    For me, I find that this particular system is very deceiving as it's comprised of many indicators to signal a strong breakout and a trend reversal. Although using this methodology can be a conservative approach into trading safely, can it also make the user miss out on many other trading...
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    How many indicators is TOO MANY on one instrument?

    I see a lot of traders with many tools on one chart and others with very simplistic indicators (trend lines, S&R). Would it be too much to have a Fibonacci, Ichimoku and S&R lines all in one chart? o.O