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    How do binary betting brokers manage risk?

    Hi, Does anyone know how binary betting companies like IG, GFT and various other binary option brokers hedge their risk against their clients? I'm guessing that there isn't any real underlying instrument so what do the companies do then? Also, are these companies allowed to hedge risk by...
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    Spreadbetting/CFD Equity Index Options Trading

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in trading Index Options (not Binary Betting/Options) and I know that IG Index and City Index offer those options on their spreadbetting/CFD platforms. However, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how/where the prices for these options are based? - Is there...
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    Tradefair? - Unable to login

    Is anybody else having difficulties logging into the Tradefair platform today? Im using the demo platform and its been down since this morning.
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    Fixed Lots Vs Variable Lots

    Hello, Can anyone shed any light on which is method is better when setting lot size? I have run backtests on my systems in MT4 so that only the lot size parameter is altered (meaning in the no. of trades, no. of winners and losers is identical in both tests). My results show that a fixed lot...
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    Trading Psychology: Lack of confidence going short :(

    Hello all, I've been demo trading for just over a month now with my new system hoping to see if I've got an edge or not. After going though my trading journal I've noticed that 80-90% of my trades are longs rather than shorts. I seem to have this unnatural bias towards longs rather than shorts...
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    Whats the difference between daily indices and futures indices?

    Hello all, I'd just like to ask, apart from the size of the spread, and that the daily indices have an overnight charge, are there any other differences between the two? Also, are there any correlations between the two? - i.e. a spike in the futures index will occur before it appears on the...
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    How do you know when to be aggressive and when to ease back?

    Hello all, I've been reading the book Market Wizards lately (great book btw) and one of the things that confuses me about these super traders is their money management strategies when they are trading aggressively. Some of these traders would trade very aggressively when they knew that they...
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    How do you trade when prices are skewed?

    Hello all, I trade by spreadbetting the FTSE, but for the past 2 days I've noticed that my SB company has listed totally different prices than the ones shown on my MT4 charts. Its about 4-7 points off towards the long side (e.g if MT4 is showing 5230 then the SB company charts will show...
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    Breakeven Trades?

    Hello all, I've just got a quick question about breakeven trades. I've continually read on this forum that the key to successful trading is to i) protect your capital rather than ii) try to make a profit. And so with this in mind I figured the best way to preserve capital would be to move your...