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    Most important thing in a broker that you look for

    They didn't satisfy you or you increase diversification?
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    Hot forex

    What do you mean? I think main sponsor of the event is Porsche company.
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    Crude Oil Trading

    Which oil contracts do you trade? Spot or futures? I trade spot as CFDs with Hotforex and Futures on IB.
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    Is it possible to have an edge in binary option trading!

    Yes making latency trades that are risk free. Otherwise expected value of your profit is negative because payouts are heavily skewed to the house
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    What is the Rating Methodology of ICO Rating Websites?

    I think we should not be interested in fundamental factors bur rather trade psychological factors like hype, big promises, regulatory breakthroughs and application spread.
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    Its called pyramiding it works but you have care about exit points too for each position because it becomes a mess if you close or hold them all.
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    A individual Forex trader in Followme social trading network

    Is it something like master account I have to connect that receives signals from various vendors (brokers) and transmits them to my trading platform?
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    How to forecast next day Exponential Moving Average

    No problem, take values of exponential moving average for one year then simulate ARIMA model using this time series. If the model you get is stationary you can make forecasts. But unfortunately you are likely to get random walk model because underlying time series - i.e. closing prices are most...
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    First Short

    Is it broker or a signal service? Smells fishy though
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    How To Choose Best Broker ?

    How do you determine that the broker has solid reputation and good feedback from traders. It's not an easy task because broker reviews and the data of their use can be heavily manipulated.
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    Thoughts on trading after 3 years

    Rate cuts usually force dollar to decline because Fed use rates to control money supply and more supply is weaker dollar. I think you confuse some basic macroeconomic relationships
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    How To Choose Best Broker ?

    Better for you to not know them or deal with them. Trade with trusted names to lower systemic risks.
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    Can anyone recomend a good trading course?

    I think trading with naked eye is not experience, because you can't formalise anything, every decision or trade is based on intuition. You have to be extremely lucky to get this working :D
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    Most important thing in a broker that you look for

    Did you met any broker or trading platform that satisfied your criteria?
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    A individual Forex trader in Followme social trading network

    What is the difference of this service from eToro of Hotforex Copy account?
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    Thoughts on trading after 3 years

    What's your view on GBPUSD ahead of the Fed July meeting? Is it makes sense to long this pair ahead of possible big rate cut by the Fed? Or its purely driven by Brexit concerns currently?
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    When is the best time to trade for beginners?

    Why session overlaps are best time for trading in your opinion?
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    Hot forex

    Yes I made a couple of withdrawals from the app and they were processed successfully. Also I placed some trades and charting tools seems to be complete
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    Hello, everyone

    Yeah, prepare for losses, the big crash is coming.
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    What's the difference between a debt and a liability?

    Liability includes debt since it's broader concept, but I would define debt as liability that involves interest and precise time of repayment (series of payments).