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    Spread Betting Calculator

    Hello All. I just wanted to bring to the 'Trading Community's' attention a FREE Spread Betting Calculator that is now online. It's an excel 2010 trading spreadsheet. There's quite a nice post (article) that is related to the spread bet sheet that is a nice read & might be of some interest for...
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    FREE Expectancy Trading Simulator-Excel 2010

    Hello All. Just wanted to let everyone know I've just uploaded a FREE Trading Simulator. 3 versions; Monte Carlo Mersenne Twister & Random.ORG (Needs internet connection, as it imports random numbers from their website that are generated via atmospheric noise,, interesting :-)) Nothing really...
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    Losing Streak Probability Calculator (Multiple)

    Hello All. Just a quick post to make any trader aware of some spreadsheets I co-created regarding losing streak probabilities. Losing Streak Probability Spreadsheets I wanted some accurate calculator for losing streaks, pref in excel format. I found myself frustrated with misinformation on the...
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    Losing Streak Probability Spreadsheets

    Hello all, Just a quick post to share some FREE spreadsheets that calculate consecutive losing streaks. They are in excel format, 2003 & 2010. Here's the link; Losing Streak Probability Spreadsheets I hope they might be useful to some of the forum members here. Regards; Dow-Boy
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    Top 10 Entry Mistakes?

    Hello All. Dow-Boy here. My 1st post ever, just joined today! :) I would like some feedback if possible regarding entries. I would like to list entries, be it if they are; Poor, Fair, Good, or Excellent. But was wondering what were the most common entry mistakes etc. IE. Lets say within a day...