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    Mini-Dax Futures from Oct. 28th 2015
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    Self Efficacy: The True Key to the Mint

    Executive summary: If you think you can, you can. Now ya don't have to read the rest. :) "The little secret to trading success If you want to succeed in trading or in life in general you should understand the concept of self efficacy beliefs well. Albert Bandura first wrote about self...
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    Before the Bust FXCM lobbied for HIGHER Leverage Can only say what goes round comes round ! Not to forget the fact how they mistreated their clients...
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    Anyone here with WHSelfinvest Futures ?

    I'm currently with but want to go to a European broker for account insurance and to get a € account. I'm currently demoing WHSelfinvest's futures nano trader, and am so far absolutely thrilled with the excellent and intuitive platform. They also seem to regularly win best...
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    Trading documentaries & films

    Something to do when the markets are chopping around or you're otherwise bored. Start this off with a look at the transition we've seen the in the last 2 decades or so from pits having been where the action was to effectively most volume being electronically traded these days: He probably...
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    Error Error Error

    Hey guys, I'm getting "ERROR: We detect suspicious activity from your network; to complete this action, please contact the webmaster." when trying to pm with some buddies here messages. Don't think I'm suspicious as such per se, but may be wrong on that !!! :lol: Anyway, would be nice if...
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    Wall St. Shock: Take a Day Off, Even a Sunday

    I mean seriously, give me a break, such a life is nothing short of a total living nightmare ! "For the ambitious college graduates who flock to Wall Street, working into the wee hours or even pulling all-nighters is an unwritten expectation of the job. Spending both Saturdays and Sundays at the...
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    Wolf of Wall Street

    Successor to Boiler Room which was apparently also based on this guy.. Should be a hoot, going to go watch that on the weekend. The real guy: Read his book, amusing and pretty entertaining read from the dark side.
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    Click: LookAtMy****ingRedTrousers Hilarious ! Also some of the comments. I don't wear ****ingRedTrousers. But I do wear ****ingRedSocks out of solidarity with our retired Pope who knew what was what when it came to proper attire. Don't know if that'd be enough to get me on his list though...
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    How I Screwed Yasser Arafat out of $2mm (and lost $100mm in the process)

    "I needed to make one hundred million dollars pretty fast. You know how it is. There are bills to pay. There are things you want to do in life. I wanted, for instance, to work as a cashier in a bookstore. But with a twist. I would own the bookstore. I wanted to do a 90 second ad in the SuperBowl...
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    Killer aliens disguised as twin Swedish crack Amazons

    B I Z A R R E to put it mildly: Later one of them actually went on to kill a guy who'd put her up overnight at his house:
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    With a Little Help From His Friends

    Good read. He sounds like a bit of a walking, talking oxymoron, a nice, interesting, well rounded geek you wouldn't mind going out for some beers with:
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    Profitability of fx traders - no opinions, just numbers thank you very much

    This is making the rounds. As expected Signore Pareto rules the roost. Dunno what Oanda have done to break quite spectacularly out of the mould. Guess the effect is lingering on because they were my first broker haha. :lol...
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    Thin is in: in search of the perfect male body

    Thin is in: in search of the perfect male body The well-built man, complete with six-pack and muscular shoulders, is no longer the ideal male body shape. But when did men start aspiring to be thin? And should we worry? "My strange shape is paying off”: Burberry model Davo who is 6ft 1in, with...
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    Worldcup !

    Usually I never watch, but these international events, hey, that's different, what with all the public viewing fun and all. Gonna be fun again, 2006 was awesome.
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    Ninja Trader: Lost a symbol by accidentally deleting,how can I get it back ?

    Ninja Trader: Lost a symbol by accidentally deleting it while rolling over ( a hassle you have to do manually on Ninja), how can I get it back ? Any one have an idea ? Thanks !!! :)
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    Facebook - no forum ??

    I've just kinda reactivated my facebook account having been bugged by some friends about that for ages, uploaded pics and all lol, but don't quite get the point, where do people communicate there, do they only write messages on each others profiles ?? Am I having a blonde moment, or does...
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    The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook

    Guy is a researcher at IBM. Sthg to think about imo, particularly as most probably aren't aware of this: and
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    Algorithmic Trading

    Good articles: "- Up to 60% of trading in equity markets is computer-driven. - algorithmic trades tend to be correlated, suggesting that the algorithmic strategies used in the market are not as diverse as those used by non-algorithmic traders - there is no evident causal relationship between...
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    Did our Wasp pull a fast one ?

    Just found this here: "I feel almost dissapointed in myself for starting such a thread but its just something that is on my mind alot, worsened by the whole 'wasp saga' amongst other things. (the fact that one of the generally accepted trading idols 'may' just be a charlatan)"...