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  1. UKtradergirl

    Is father christmas/santa clause real?

    Just wondered- i'm trying to work it all out. If so, can someone give me ideas about what to do if i don't have a chimney? thanks
  2. UKtradergirl


    I don't know what to do! My Uncle wants me to help him with his business, work for him perhaps a few days a week. I haven't worked for anyone for 18 months now and not sure if i want to or not. Add to that the fact that i am already making money trading, enough to live on, and i have a 8 month...
  3. UKtradergirl

    TRO Test Results

    I am creating this thread as a separate place to post and review the results of TheRumpledOne's Horizontal Line Strategy. The EA used to test this was kindly coded by North5 (thankyou!). I will go through some major currency pairs in order, posting screenshots of the backtest results from the...
  4. UKtradergirl

    Post your Losing Strategies Here!

    Has your EA turned evil? :twisted: Are your moving averages conspiring against you? Is your stop loss always in the wrong place at the wrong time? I'd love to hear from any of you who have very badly losing strategies, particularly if they have been 'proved' to be awful through real live...
  5. UKtradergirl

    Turtle Strategy- for daytrading?

    I am writing this on the assumption that a lot of people will have heard/ read about the Turtles and their strategy. Anyway, i just wondered if anyone has tried applying similar rules to a daytrading/shorter term strategy? e.g. The turtles used a 20 day breakout strategy- and a 55 day breakout...
  6. UKtradergirl

    USD/JPY breakout

    Just wanted to post a trade setup i am looking at that looks as though it may be a good one. I don't trade currencies that often but this one looks good. A nice triangle formation going on here, at a guess i'd say the price will break downwards. When it does it has some way to go before it...
  7. UKtradergirl

    FTSE chart in IGIndex not working?!!

    Is anyone else having problems seeing the FTSE chart through IGIndex today? It's not printing any bars for this morning at all. Tried restarting the program but no luck. Also, when you try to scroll the chart sideways it zooms in or out instead. Really strange. Daily chart is OK though.
  8. UKtradergirl

    Trading Simulation Software

    Can anyone recommend a good trading simulator for forex and/or indices? At the moment i'm just scrolling through historical prices and writing everything down manually. I want something a bit more realistic and also that can take into account trading costs (spreads). I am looking at this at the...
  9. UKtradergirl

    No Internet for 3 days :(

    I'm really p*&&ed off because Tiscali decided to cut my internet off for three days. Coincided with a position i was holding overnight. Cue, me rushing around like a woman possessed at 6 the following morning trying to get baby up and dressed then get out to my mum and dad's house to check my...
  10. UKtradergirl

    Good spreadbetting experience? Post here!

    I've read so many posts lately of people complaining about Spreadbetting companies and how awful they are, how they requote constantly, take their money, close their accounts, make errors in the SB companies favour, the list goes on... I want to now hear from anyone who has had a POSITIVE...
  11. UKtradergirl

    Anyone use very tight stop losses successfully?

    I have seen in some threads here that some people use very tight stop losses, perhaps around 10 points or so (or less). Is anyone here producing good success rates with such tight stop losses? Obviously it depends very much on how long you hold the trade, if you are a scalper or hold your...
  12. UKtradergirl

    Guaranteed money on FX forwards?!

    I came across the following comment on the Capital Spreads thread (comment by capitalspreads themselves):- "I also know a guaranteed way to make money on SB FX forwards (but dont ask because I am not going to tell anyone, it is not difficult to work out) but you would have to put up quite a bit...
  13. UKtradergirl

    Why is everyone long on vodafone?

    Whilst looking at different spreadbetting firms i came across The home of Financial Spread Betting Interestingly, they publish on their page the percentage of people going long/short on their accounts for various positions. The site says that 98% of their customers are long on the Vodafone...
  14. UKtradergirl


    Just wanted to say 'hi' to everyone here. I've been trading on and off for a few years. I don't have much money to trade with and have lost some and won some, overall about breaking even. After just 'playing' around for a while i'm now starting to seriously study the market and learn as much as...